The Basics of Fall Lawn Renovation

The Basics of Fall Lawn Renovation

Aug 31, 2022

Did you know that fall is the best time of the year to make your old lawn look better than ever or to establish a new lawn?

Early to mid-fall is a great time to take on the important job of a fall lawn renovation. The soil is still warm, yet the air is cool. These are the perfect conditions for grass seeds to germinate and turf to take root quickly.

Here are some simple tips to renovate your lawn:

Determining Your Grass Type:

The first step to revamping your lawn is determining your area's designated season of grasses. There are three main categories of grasses; cool season grasses, transition zone grasses, and warm season grasses.

Cool season grasses grow in the upper two-thirds of the US. The Transition zone is the mid-section of the US where warm season grasses and cool season grasses overlap. And warm season grasses are best grown in the southern half of the US.

seasonal grasses map

If you live in the northern or central US, then this blog is for you! Planting a cool season lawn ensures you will have a happy and healthy lawn throughout the harshest of winters.

Seeding or Over-Seeding an Existing Lawn

lawn seeds

If you are planning to seed a new lawn or over-seed an existing lawn, it is best to seed as early as possible. It is important to get seeds germinated and growing before trees begin to leaf out.

This is especially true in shaded areas. Keep the area moist at all times until the roots become established, then you can gradually decrease the frequency of watering. The new grass can be mowed when it reaches a height of about three inches.

There are specific seeds based on your landscape, so be sure to evaluate your yard's lighting to determine if you need grass seed for full sun or grass seed for part shade.

Rejuvenating a Weak Lawn

lush green lawn

Does your lawn look sparse and sad no matter what you do? Your lawn cannot live without air, water and nutrients. When a thick layer of thatch builds up, water and fertilizer may run off instead of penetrating the soil.

Aerating and dethatching can help rejuvenate a lawn by restoring passageways to the soil. Fall is an excellent time to dethatch your grass. Thatching rakes can be used but for lawns with severe thatch problems or if you have heavy or compacted soil, aerate the soil with Encap Fast Acting Gypsum! Gypsum is a core aerator that can transform compact soils and give the grassroots the space they need to thrive!

In addition to aerating your soil, understanding the state of your current soil can help you to better understand what your yard needs.

We recommend conducting a soil test to determine the pH. At a pH of 6.8 to 7.0, nutrients are most readily available to turf grasses, and beneficial microorganisms are more active to decompose thatch.

Providing your Lawn With Nutrients

lawn fertilizer

The next step to having a lush green lawn is providing your grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Before you fertilize, it's important to determine the best timing to apply it. As a typical rule of thumb, the further north you live, the sooner you should apply your fertilizer.

We recommend fertilizing your lawn with GreenView Fairway Fertilizer and top dress with straw. By feeding your turf in the fall, you will speed up the growth process and nourish the roots to spread faster, while growing deeper and wider.

Watering Your Lawn

watering your lawn

The last important step to lawn renovation is proper watering. It is vital that you keep the seed moist until it is established, usually with several light waterings throughout the day.

After your new lawn is established, it should receive about one inch of water per week in the absence of rain.

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A lush, healthy lawn is a joy to see year-round and especially in months when not much else is growing. A few important steps taken now will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood and make your spring lawn care even easier.

Whether you're looking to revamp your entire lawn, or just spruce up some bare spots of the yard, we have what you need to get the job done!

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