Create an Indoor Plant Oasis

Create an Indoor Plant Oasis

Apr 9, 2020

Surrounding yourself with nature is a sure-fire way to feel more calm and relaxed. Spending time outside is a great way to achieve this, but what happens when you can’t venture outside? Bring nature inside by creating an indoor plant oasis!

Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green foliage of all different sizes, hues, and textures. Everyday activities like reading a book or cooking somehow become more relaxing. Even tending to your plants is therapeutic. Growing an indoor jungle is not as daunting as it seems. Follow these tips to transform your indoor space into a lush, rejuvenating plant oasis.

Know Your Light

living room with light streaming though plants on the windowsill

As refreshing it is to be surrounded by lush greenery, it is equally stressful to be surrounded by discolored, struggling plants. Light is a very important requirement for any plant - and different plants require different lighting conditions. Knowing what type of light is in your space is important before you go crazy plant shopping. A plant like Aloe Vera aloe needs 8 hours of sun, whereas a Peace Lily peace lily would burn. Here are some of our favorite low light plants.

Group Plants Together

Plants love being together. When they are placed close together, it helps to create the humidity needed for them to thrive. This also helps create a lush, green interior reminiscent of a dense green jungle - a tropical oasis.

Go Vertical

Don’t be afraid to take your plants vertical! From long trailing hanging plants to a green wall, going vertical not only gives you more space for more plants, it also helps give the feel of an indoor jungle.

vertical wall made of plants

Go Big

What is an indoor plant oasis without at least one big, standout plant? You don’t need to haul a tree inside (unless you want to), but a lush tropical plant transforms an awkward corner as much as a few tall, big leafed plants positioned behind your couch defines a sitting area. Philodendron monstera Split Leaf, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Majesty Palm are popular options for interior designers aiming to give your living room that exotic jungle vibe.

Play With Your Senses

Let your imagination run wild for a minute. What springs to your mind when you think about an indoor oasis? Big green leaves and long trailing vines are essential, but what about adding sensory houseplants? The smell of Jasmine, the feel of the fuzzy leaf from a Begonia Begonia, even the sight of the colorful leaves of a Croton. Playing on your senses helps create a calm, welcoming environment.