6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Apr 18, 2022

As one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, Earth Day is about more than just celebrating our planet. Earth day is about spreading awareness of our impact on the environment as well as implementing positive changes! 

Are you in search of some ideas on how to celebrate this amazing planet we call home? Well the team over at Garden Goods Direct has some ideas. Whether it’s planting trees to mitigate climate change and clear the air of pollutants, or making simple choices to reduce your carbon footprint, there are so many ways that you can make a difference.

Read on to get some ideas on how to spend your Earth Day this Friday,  April 22, 2022.

History of Earth Day

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Before we dive into what you can do this Earth Day to make a difference, we wanted to give a brief history on the origins of Earth Day and the impact this holiday has made over the years!

Earth Day was first made an official holiday on April 22 of 1970. As people became more aware of the negative impacts their actions had on the environment, through industrialization, fossil fuel pollution, increased waste, and deforestation, they saw a need to spread awareness for change. Their ultimate goal was to get environmental issues onto the national policy agenda.

A Wisconsin senator was the first to take a major step toward that goal. In organizing a national demonstration to spread awareness of environmental issues, Senator Gaylord Nelson sparked a movement. The very first Earth Day in 1970 made way for a year of change that paved the way for a better planet today.

The initial impacts of the very first Earth Day included the passing of monumental environmental protection policies, such as: The Clean Air Act, The Water Quality Improvement Act, The Endangered Species Act, and the Toxic Substances Control Act. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency was established later that year in 1970.

According to the official Earth Day History site, Earth Day is now recognized as the largest secular observance in the world. With more than a billion people taking action for positive environmental change, the fight to protect and preserve our planet is stronger than ever.

But, there is still so much work that needs to be done. As the wise Wendell Berry once said, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Let’s come together this Earth Day and make positive changes.

Woodie and the team at Garden Goods Direct want to make it a movement, not only to celebrate the Earth and all of its glory on April 22 each year, but to spread awareness for positive change and make eco-conscious decisions, today, Earth Day, and every day.

Ideas For Celebrating Earth Day

You may feel that with the exponential rate at which climate change is happening, along with the massive amounts of pollution and waste that the world puts out each day, that you can not make a difference.

The small choices you make in your life can make a big difference. Here are just a few ways you can implement positive change this Earth Day 2022.

1. Plant a Native Tree

plant native

First on our list of ideas to celebrate Earth Day is planting native! Specifically, we want to share the benefits of planting native trees. Planting a tree is just one small act  that can make a huge difference.

Trees do so much for our planet. Beyond filtering out CO2 and providing us with fresh air to breathe, trees also work to reduce runoff, erosion and pollution. In the United States alone, trees remove nearly 822,000 tons of air pollution each year. Beyond that, trees work to support nearly 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

Choosing to plant trees that are native to your area brings additional benefits to your environment because they promote biodiversity, provide shelter and food for local wildlife, and there is a lessened need for pesticides and fertilizers because they have long been adapted to your USDA grow zone. Enjoy up to 40% off native trees this Earth Day!

2. Start a Pollinator Garden

plant a pollinator garden

Next on our list of activities to partake in this Earth Day, is starting your very own pollinator garden! Beyond bringing charm and beauty to your yard, pollinators play an important role in our ecosystems.

Our pollinators are essential in the pollination of nearly 75% of plants needed for the production of our food, oils, medicines and fibers. Pollinator populations are declining at an alarming rate due to destruction of habitats, pesticide use, invasive species, and general neglect for their basic needs. It’s crucial to make sure they have adequate food and shelter all year so they can continue to pollinate the plants we need to live!

By making certain gardening choices, like planting native and choosing pollinator plants, you can make a huge difference in the wellbeing of our pollinators and your local ecosystem. Garden Goods Direct offers a wide range of pollinator plants available for your purchase.

3. Go Organic

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Another great way to take action and help our planet is through making the choice to go organic in the garden. This means no chemical additives, harsh fertilizers, or pesticides.

By making the choice to use all organic garden and lawn products, you are actively working to prevent toxic runoff, water pollution, and soil contamination. Beyond that, by eliminating pesticides you are protecting birds, insects and beneficial soil organisms!

4. Create a Compost Pile

diy compost pile

If you’ve already made all the eco-conscious choices above, perhaps you can take this Earth Day to start a new environmentally friendly project! Creating a compost pile is a fun project that keeps food waste out of landfills, and can ultimately reduce your need to add chemicals and fertilizers to your soils.

In composting your food waste, you are working to add nutrients to your soil and foster the growth of beneficial microorganisms. The organic material in a compost pile is like a free soil additive that can make all the difference in your garden.

5. Recycle

sustainable gardening for earth day

Making the choice to recycle can heavily aid in lowering the amount of waste you send to the landfill each year. Instead of going out each year and buying new planters, tools and décor for your yard planting, try to reuse and repurpose old containers!

Thrift stores are a great sustainable option if you're looking to spruce up your garden without buying new each season. You might also consider using old plastic food containers as planters! Making these little choices to reuse, reduce and recycle in your yard can make all the difference!

6. Conserve Water

conserve water this earth day

Last, but certainly not least on our list of ways to celebrate, contribute and better our Earth is to implement water conservation methods.

Whether it be through the practice of planting more drought tolerant plants, also known as “xeriscaping," mulching your plants to conceal moisture, or harvesting rainwater for irrigation, the practice of conserving water in your landscape is a great way to help out our planet.

Humans, along with the rest of living organisms on Earth, need fresh water to survive. With only 3% of freshwater available to use, the need to conserve water is critical in the overall well-being of our earth. Reducing your overall water usage is a great way to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources.

Join Garden Goods Direct This Earth Day!

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