Espoma Earthworm Castings

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Espoma Earthworm Castings for Sale Online

Earthworm castings are full of organic matter and desirable microorganisms that yield benefits far beyond what fertilizer ratios show. Earthworm castings contain low levels of essential plant nutrients, including iron, that is guaranteed not to cause fertilizer burn. The dark brown granules don't hint at their origins — their rich, earthy texture reminiscent of fine garden compost or dry coffee grounds.

Added to soil or potting mixes, the organic matter in castings improves soil structure. With more humus than traditional compost or normal garden soil, castings increase the water retention in soil, improve soil aeration, and anchor plant nutrients that would otherwise leach away with water. Organic matter feeds soil microorganisms that produce, store, and slowly release plant nutrition. Earthworm castings suit all indoor and outdoor gardens.

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