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Coleus ColorBlaze Wicked Hot

Plectranthus scutellarioides 'Wicked Hot'

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Coleus ColorBlaze Wicked Hot Plants for Sale Online

Enjoy the golden oranges of fall foliage all gardening season long with Coleus Colorblaze Wicked Hot. The ruffled burnt orange foliage on this plant will bring the joy of autumn into your shady or sunny garden. This plant does produce small flower spikes late in the season, but it is primarily grown for its foliage. It is an upright grower and reaches heights of between 24 and 36 inches with a spread of 18 to 36 inches.

Coleus ColorBlaze Wicked Hot can be used in container gardens as a thriller plant or in garden beds as a border plant, in a mass planting, or to fill in gaps between perennials. This tall plant is heat tolerant. It has won multiple awards for top performer and perfect score all season.

Growzone: 10-11 Coleus ColorBlaze Wicked Hot Hardiness Zones 10-11
Hardiness Zone: 10-11
Mature Height: 24-40 Inches
Mature Width: 18-36 Inches
Classification: Annual
Sunlight: Partial shade, full sun, full shade
Habit: Mound, upright
Flower Color: Inconspicuous
Foliage: Orange-red
Soil Condition: well-draining, moist
Water Requirements: Likes to stay slightly moist
Uses: container plant, "thriller" plant, mass planting

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