Garden Goods Direct Scholarship Opportunity

Garden Goods Direct Scholarship

Garden Goods Direct is excited to award a $500 scholarship each semester!

Where and How to Apply

To be eligible for the Garden Goods Direct scholarship, write an original 500 – 700-word essay on one of the following topics:

  • What changes can your generation make to stop global warming?
  • If you could develop a new plant what would it be and why?
  • Restoring the Natural Places; The only sustainable future
  • Building Societies that Harmonize with Nature
  • Coastal Development, Living Shores and Riding the Waves of Sea Level Rise
  • The Tree Canopy - Mother Nature’s Umbrella. Time to fix the holes in it before we really get burned.
  • Cost Effective Recycling - Breaking down the Elements

Essays should be educational and/or inspirational. All essays must use proper grammar, but will be awarded on creativity. Please make sure you cite your sources, and do not use any quotes longer than two lines.

To submit, save your article in a Word doc or PDF and email it before the due date listed below. 

Scholarship Due Date

This scholarship occurs twice a year, and is awarded once each semester. If you miss a due date, your essay will be saved and used towards the next due date.

Scholarship 1: Deadline to submit – May 1, 2020 Winners announced -June 1, 2020
Scholarship 2: Deadline to submit – November 1, 2019 Winners announced -December 1, 2019

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Scholarship Eligibility

The Garden Goods Direct scholarship is open to all students who will be enrolling in college classes in the following semester. This means if a student is a high school senior in the spring, but will be taking college courses in the fall, they can apply. Current college students can also apply as long as they will be taking courses in the next semester.

Any students may apply. However, we are looking for applicants who are earning a horticulture, forestry, agriculture, botany, landscape architecture or agriculture related degree.

Additional Rules

One entry per semester. Essays must be written by the person who submits. Winners will be notified by the email in which they submitted the scholarship.

The $500 one-time-only award will be sent directly to the school, and can be used for tuition only. Funds cannot be transferred to another student or anywhere else. Proof of enrollment is required before funds will be sent. The winning student will be required to send their full name, student ID, and college name and address before the scholarship will be awarded.

Winners will be chosen on a nondiscriminatory and objective basis each semester. Winners must respond within 20 days to claim their scholarship, or a new winner will be selected.

The student’s college or university must be in the United States.

Don't wait… start on your Garden Goods Direct scholarship today!