Winter Interest Shrubs for Sale Online

Does your landscape need winter interest? The resounding answer is yes. Adding Shrubs with green leaves, colorful bark, and berries that stand out in the landscape will steal the show and add to the 4 season curb appeal of your home.

Shrubs with winter interest have the added benefit of being able to add festive touches to your home during the holiday season. Cut sprigs of boxwoods or evergreen hollies to add to table arrangements or wreaths. Dogwood stems add a colorful touch to holiday floral arrangements. Plant as many different winter interest shrubs as you can and add touches of the outdoors to your holiday decorating.

We suggest you go outside and observe the landscape in December and January. Do you see areas of the bare ground? Are there areas in the front yard that have only brown stems? We bet when you close your eyes, visions of your landscape in its colorful splendor will flood your memories. This doesn't have to be only a memory. Incorporating shrubs with winter interest will enhance your landscape, and you will enjoy winter in the garden as much as you do in the spring and summer.

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Winter is the best time to analyze your landscape and get an authentic feel of winter in the garden. The winter garden can be barren at times, but it can be alive with color if planned out correctly. A well-planned and planted shrub garden never looks tired, even in the fall and winter. Winter interest does not need to mean having Evergreen Shrubs in the landscape.

Like Red Twigged Dogwood shrubs, many deciduous shrubs with colorful stems brighten the winter landscape. Wintergreen hollies with their bright red berries stand out after fresh snowfall. Evergreen Shrubs add permanence to the landscape and range in colors from warm golden hues and festive greens to the icy blue of the blue star juniper.

Most people don’t think about flowering shrubs for winter interest, but flowering shrubs can take center stage in the winter. These shrubs bloom in the winter and add an unexpected show of color on even the darkest of winter days. Plants like Camellias, Witch hazel, and one of our favorites, the paper bush or Edgeworthia chrysantha, can be seen blooming with a blanket of snow.

Winter interest shrubs can add a formal touch to the landscape as well. Boxwood shrubs, such as Winter Gem Boxwood, look great throughout the year with their dark green evergreen foliage. Planting boxwoods at the corners of the driveway or along the walkway to your front door creates a sense of formality that lasts through each of the four seasons. Sky Pencil Hollies look lovely in pots on either side of your entryway or garage doors, and as a bonus, the birds will love the jet-black berries as a nutritious snack all winter.