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Buying Landscape Weed Control Products Online

As you nurture your landscape, create your gardens and plant your shrubs, trees and flowers, you’ll also start to develop your approach to weed control. While some weeds are beautiful wildflowers, others are nuisances that take away from the stunning vista you’ve made. If you’re searching for supplies for landscape weed control, consider our selection.

Types of Landscape Weed Control Supplies for Sale

At Garden Goods Direct, we offer several kinds of landscape weed control supplies for sale, including:

Our nursery experts ensure you’ll find the weed control products your garden needs — which is why we carry concentrates, granules and ready-to-use products.

Why Use Landscape Weed Control?

As many gardeners will admit, the best product for landscape weed control is healthy, established grass. At times, however, periodic use of non-natural weed control is a necessity. If your lawn is struggling to thrive due to an infestation of weeds across your new home’s landscape, for example, it’s difficult to avoid the use of weed control products. The good news is that they’ll help restore your lawn and contribute to creating that stunning look you’re after as an avid gardener.

Of course, if you like the weeds, such as perennials like violets and dandelions, you’re welcome to make them a part of your landscape.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Landscape Weed Control

If you’re unhappy with the weeds throughout your landscape and want to remove them, it’s essential to choose the best products for your landscape weed control needs. That’s why our nursery experts recommend you determine whether the weed is an annual or perennial, as well as whether it is a broadleaf or grassy weed. It’s also helpful to determine if the issue is solely due to weeds, or if it is a combination of a weed, insect and disease infestation.

The type of weed, as well as whether it’s an annual or perennial, plays a direct role in your choice of post- or pre-emergence landscape weed control products. If your landscape is coping with an outbreak of summer or winter annuals, for example, you would choose a pre-emergence product — which you can also use for perennials, though they respond better to post-emergence products.

How to Use Landscape Weed Control

All supplies for landscape weed control, such as a concentrate or spray, include detailed directions on their applications, as well as safety recommendations for you. Depending on your weed control choice and weed type, your application timeframe will vary. For summer and winter annuals, plan to spray in the early spring, two to four weeks before they germinate. If you’re using a post-emergence weed control, expect to use it near the end of the summer, when temperatures are in the 60s and fall is right around the corner.

As our nursery experts can say from experience, perennial weeds tend to offer more of a challenge than annuals, so plan to use multiple treatments for perennial weeds.

Buy Landscape Weed Control Supplies From Garden Goods Direct Today

For weeds, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While some gardeners may appreciate violet blossoms dotting their landscape, others may prefer a consistent shade of green, which often requires the use of landscape weed control supplies. At Garden Goods Direct, we understand your passion for a stunning vista, which is why we offer the best products for landscape weed control, approved by our nursery experts and Woodie himself.

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