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Landscaping trees add a great deal of value to your residential or commercial property. With their versatility, they provide both practical and aesthetic benefits to your home and garden. They can be used as focal points in your yard enhancing the rest of your landscaping creation, or they can be used for practical purposes like shielding against the elements. We specialize in landscape grade material, so you can have confidence knowing that our collection of trees are healthier, larger, and set up for success compared to traditional retailers.

At Garden Goods Direct, our collections of landscape trees for sale are vast and include a wide variety of tree types to choose from. From flowering and evergreen, to trees that produce fruit or enhance privacy, we’ve got it all. Not sure which one to pick? Check what grow zone you live in and use it as a guide. Find what you need with the guidance of our plant experts who are here to help you every step of the way. Shop our collection of trees for sale online!

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What are the Benefits of Buying Trees Online?

One of the main benefits of buying trees online is the fact that you can do so right from the comfort of your home! While it may seem intimidating, our nursery experts are just a click away. You can live chat with our team regarding any questions or concerns. We are here to provide you with expert advice and guidance on everything related to trees. So, what are some additional benefits of buying trees? Read on to see our favorites!

Enhance the appeal of your property

This may seem like an obvious answer, but trees are an excellent way to complement the existing foliage in your yard or to enhance the curb appeal of your home entirely. Flowering trees are stunning focal points with their varying blossoms, while evergreen trees complement any existing landscape and are very forgiving. Investing in landscaping enhances the overall property value as well, which is exactly what you want if you ever plan to sell your home!

Purify the air surrounding your home

Trees are the best air purifiers! They will replace carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other common pollutants with oxygen so you can breathe easily in your yard. Something worth considering, especially if you live in highly polluted areas like large cities or near refineries. Whether your yard is small or you have acres to fill, there’s a tree for everyone!

Support the ecosystem surrounding your home

Trees provide much-needed shelter and nutrition for the local wildlife surrounding your home. Pollinating critters, such as birds and bees, are essential to sustaining the ecosystem, so provide them with a home in your very own yard!

Protect your home against the elements

Landscape trees serve a multitude of purposes aside from just enhancing the aesthetic of your property. They can protect your home and property against harsh weather conditions. Privacy trees also double as screening trees; when planted next to each other, they create strong screens against heavy winds and precipitation. Tree roots also stabilize your property and protect the soil from erosion during seasons of strong rainfall.

How to Order the Right Tree Online

Before you buy trees online, it’s important to consider the different factors that could affect your decision. Ask yourself the following questions to help guide you in the right direction:

How to Care for Landscaping Trees

Rest assured that each landscape tree in our collection is grown from the highest quality stock plants available, supporting their health, growth, and success. When you buy trees online with Garden Goods Direct, our plant experts will send you detailed, simple instructions on how to best care for your tree. Even though each tree is unique in its care, there are some tips that can be applied to most varieties:

Plant in the best spot

Landscape trees typically grow best in sunny areas. Before you actually plant the tree, map out what section of your property will set the tree up for success. When it’s time to prep the soil, dig a hole that is as deep as the root ball and nearly 2-3 times as wide (the container the tree is delivered in is an excellent measuring guide). You don’t want the root ball to be too deep in the ground; the extra width helps the roots to expand as the tree takes to the soil and grows.

Sufficiently water the tree roots

There are certain trees that can go for longer periods without being watered, but a general rule of thumb is to ensure that the soil surrounding the tree is moist, not drenched. During the first year of a landscape tree being planted in a new yard, it’s vital to water it almost daily due to its delicate state. As the tree continues to mature, you can reduce that frequency to a couple of times a week (depending on how hot the season is and how much precipitation you get). The best way to check is to feel the soil for yourself. Stick a gardening trowel into the soil or a similar device, and feel it with your bare skin. Is it soaking, moist, or bone dry? If it’s bone dry, that’s a clear sign that the tree needs more water. If it’s soaking, let it be and don’t water it again until the roots get a chance to soak up the moisture.

Boost growth with fertilizer or organic matter

This step is important during the early stages of planting because the tree needs all of the nutrients it can get to support healthy growth. After that, it’s sufficient enough to fertilize every spring. Use either organic fertilizer, compost, or even mulch to transfer some of the nutrients into the roots.

Types of Trees

As America’s number one online plant nursery, we are proud to offer a diverse collection of landscape trees for sale to both beginner and expert gardeners. Learn about the different types below:

Buffer, Privacy, & Screening Trees

Sometimes we just need privacy, especially in our yards. Not interested inexpensive fencing that needs yearly maintenance? Consider adding a ‘living’ wall to your yard with fast-growing privacy trees. Trees and shrubs can create a beautiful and natural screen full of blooms and foliage that are eye-catching instead of being an eyesore. From the Eastern White Pine known for its cold hardiness, to the fast-growing Leyland Cypress, we have the privacy trees that are perfect for your landscape. Create a privacy screen that will bring beauty to your yard year after year while giving you the privacy buffer from your neighbors that you desire!

Evergreen Trees

What’s not to love about evergreens? Evergreen trees deliver year-round color, provide much-needed shade, and can act as a windbreak against strong winds. These trees are typically needled and broad-leafed, and come in a wide range of colors - hunter green, silvery blue, yellow, copper, gray-green, blue-green, chartreuse, and variegated mixtures. The expansive size and dense foliage of the Leyland Cypress make it the ideal choice for creating natural borders lining the perimeter of your property. Looking for something with a more unique shape? The Blue Point Spiral Topiary is a distinctly shaped Juniper that can provide practical benefits, but also serve as visual interest in your yard.

Shade Trees

Want to add some cool beauty to your landscape? Garden Goods Direct sells a variety of fast-growing shade trees online that are best for enhancing the shade and screening in your yard. They also serve as ornamental additions with how massive some can grow to be and their colorful leaves that change as the seasons' pass, like the October Glory Maple. Shade trees protect our homes from the sun during the summer and can end up saving both money and energy. These shade trees block the sun from streaming in our windows and heating our walls and roofs during certain times of the day. You can also create comfortable outdoor spaces by placing shade trees, like the Tulip Poplar, near your patio or deck.

Flowering Trees

Mature flowering trees transform your garden by providing beauty and grandeur, while small flowering trees sparkle with life and promise. They lure us outdoors to walk a bit and enjoy the beauty of the season. The best flowering trees attract pollinators, such as bees and birds, that are essential to the health of our ecosystem. Ornamental trees, such as the Milky Way Kousa Dogwood, grow delicate white flowers against a backdrop of thick green leaves. This design is highly versatile and will complement any existing landscape. Or if you’re looking for a true statement piece, the Eastern Redbud showcases a stunning display of pink flowers clustered in each branch during the early spring.

Fruit & Nut Trees

Fruit and nut trees add beauty to your garden and once established, will continue to produce fresh fruit and nuts year after year. You will experience the benefit of both their beauty and edible fruits! From chestnuts and avocados, to the classic apple and citrus trees, we carry a plethora of fruit and nut tree variations.

Fast-Growing Trees

Do you want a tree that will mature as quickly as possible? We have our own line of fast-growing trees that are meant for this exact purpose. These landscape trees are great for increasing the privacy surrounding your home or for creating shade for their natural cooling benefits. The Thuja Green Giant stands tall and majestic, providing the shade you’re looking for without having to wait as long.

North American Native Trees

These types of trees are native to North America and provide so many useful benefits to your garden and surrounding wildlife. North American Native trees are diverse and consist of flowering, fruit, evergreens, and even shade trees. There is something for everyone in this collection!

Shop Landscape Trees Online

Trees can benefit your home and garden in so many different ways. There is a landscape tree for every occasion and for every need. Investing in your landscape is something that will pay off for years to come, so make sure to buy your trees online with the gardening experts!

Garden Goods Direct is here to help you pick the best option for your residential or commercial property. Where you’re looking for an ornamental tree or something to serve a more practical purpose, we grow it all. Conveniently order a tree (or several) online and it will be delivered straight to your door, waiting to be planted. Let us help you build the garden you’ve been dreaming of, contact us today for any questions about our ordering process!