Trees with Yellow Flowers for Sale

Yellow flowering trees can add plenty of interest and pop to your landscape. Yellow is a cheerful, sunny color that complements other plants of shades of red or orange to create a ‘hot’ border or with blue or purple for a vibrant, bold look. Landscaping trees add a great deal of value to your residential or commercial property. With their versatility, trees provide both practical and aesthetic benefits to your home and garden. Check what grow zone you live in and use it as a guide to help you find the best tree for your space. 

Trees Offered at Garden Goods Direct

Magnolia Butterflies

The butterfly Magnolia Tree is one of the most sought-after magnolias. The tree is known for its bright yellow, tulip-shaped flowers that bloom in early spring. Growing in an upward pyramidal habit, this mid-sized specimen tree is sure to impress. Magnolia Butterfly Trees thrive best in full sun or partial shade and prefer rich, well-draining soil conditions.

Tulip Poplar Trees

This fast-growing shade tree is covered in spring with flowers that resemble the world's largest tulips. In the fall, this tree will produce bright, lemon-yellow leaves. When they are planted in good and moist soil conditions, this tree grows at a rapid pace making it one of the tallest naturally growing trees in the Eastern U.S.  

Golden Spirit Smoke Trees

Golden Spirit Smoke trees look beautiful when they are specimen trees but look even more stunning when they are planted against a backdrop of green or blue evergreens. This mid-sized tree produces golden-yellow foliage that lasts all summer long. This tree can survive in bright, full sunlight and not run into any problem with leaves burning. In the fall, you will see your tree's leaves turn coral, orange, and red.

Golden Rain Trees 

Golden Rain Trees bring elegance and grace wherever they grow. Their small yellow flowers cover the tree and give it a neat, rounded habit when fully bloomed. They grow quite large at maturity, reaching over 30 feet in height and width. They are considered urban-friendly and tolerate a variety of conditions. Not to mention, this tree is extremely pollinator-friendly!