Red Hydrangeas for Sale Online

Red Hydrangea Shrubs are a bold option when gardeners are choosing hydrangeas for their home landscape. Red is a great color to place in any existing garden for a pop of color or in a new garden as the focal point. Their red flowers come in various shades from light red to vibrant, fire red flowers, and they compliment many other flower colors in any landscape.

Hydrangeas are highly tolerant of varying soil types and are easy to cultivate. They are a great and inexpensive way to instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home garden or commercial landscape. Their versatility can be used for foundation planting or as a focal point.

Types of Red Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Ruby Slippers

This Oakleaf Hydrangea is very easy to establish and will make your garden look professionally done. This shrub produces white blooms in the early summer that transform into vivid red flowers just in time for the fall months. In the winter, rich red foliage prevails, bringing you year-round interest!

Cardinal Red Hydrangea

Prized for their eye-popping cardinal red flowers make excellent and elaborate flower bouquet displays that last for months. This French-type, mophead Hydrangea produces dark, pink flowers with serrated edges on each petal. As the plant matures, their blossoms fade to a deep cardinal red.

Limelight Hydrangea

This shrub is a compact, easy to care for, panicle Hydrangea cultivar that grows 6 to 8 feet tall and wide. They bloom creamy white to lime green flowers that will mature into rose hues over time. Soil pH does not impact the flower color; only time will tell when they will change.

Little Lime Hydrangea

Meet the dwarf version of the Limelight hydrangea. This plant holds the same amount of attractiveness while being small enough to fit in containers, a small privacy hedge, or even cut into floral arrangements. Attractive green summer flowers turn pink in the fall as temperatures cool off.

Cherry Explosion Red Hydrangea

The tight, compact habit of Cherry Explosion Hydrangea shrubs makes them a well-behaved garden plant. Vivid cherry-red flowers are a bold and stylish statement. In acidic soil levels, this plant will develop a purplish center. However, this is by far the reddest Hydrangea shrub you can buy! Well-loved for its versatility and compact growth habit.

Fire Light Hydrangea

This Hydrangea was named the 2019 Hydrangea of the Year and for a good reason! Throughout the flowering season, their blooms transition from pure white to a deep pomegranate hue. This shrub will remain a dark rosy-pink color throughout fall. They bloom about a month before any other Paniculata Hydrangea and last just as long.

Ruby Red Hydrangea

Ruby Red hydrangeas produce a dark red flower with serrated edges on each petal that blooms from late spring to early fall. Their deep green leaves are a beautiful compliment to their vibrant blossoms. This shrub loves to be planted in a partially shaded area of your garden. They can even be cut back and dried for use as a dried floral arrangement.

Hydrangea Quick Fire

As their name suggests, Quick Fire Hydrangeas bloom pure white flowers but quickly turn pink and fade into a dark rosy-pink color in the fall. The color of the flowers is not affected by soil pH levels. This is an extremely hardy shrub and is easy to grow because it produces flowers on new wood. This means even after the harshest of winters, your plant will still bloom flowers the following growing season.

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea

This dwarf version of the Quick Fire Hydrangea goes beautifully in a container garden. Its white flowers fade to a deep pink-red color as the summer progresses. They have an extended blooming season making them one of the longest hydrangeas to last throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Lava Lamp Candelabra Hydrangea

Lava Lamp Candelabra hydrangeas have flowers that resemble a lava lamp or cone shape. The flowers first open as a pure white color, and over time they turn pink and a dark-rosy pink color in the fall. The chillier it gets, the more vibrant the colors become. The flowers on the Lava Lamp Candelabra are not affected by soil pH levels.

Wee Bit Giddy Hydrangea

A new Hydrangea cultivar, this shrub has stunning red and purple blossoms that rebloom all summer long. Wee Bit Giddy Hydrangeas are hardy, low-maintenance, and compact shrubs that go well in any garden. The parent cultivars to this shrub are Cityline Paris and Let's Dance Rave hydrangeas. Similar to other macrophylla hydrangeas, this shrub's colors change depending on the pH of the soil. If it is planted in acidic soils, it will display blooms with a deep purple-red tone.

Wee Bit Grumpy Hydrangea

Another new Hydrangea cultivar, Wee Bit Grumpy produces joyous blue-purple flowers that rebloom all growing season long. This shrub is disease-resistant and low maintenance, making it wonderful for any gardener and garden. If you want to see the deepest, and most dramatic purple blossoms, we recommend pairing this with a soil acidifier, but only after you perform a soil pH test!