Pre-Order Trees and Flowers to Plant in Spring

If it's not planting season, then it's pre-order season! If you're like us, you spend your quiet winter months planning out your perfect garden, dreaming of when you can be back outside in the sun and the soil. This is why we've released our top choice plants for spring 2021 pre-orders.

Pre-Order Trees

Pre-Order Trees

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Pre-Order Shrubs

Pre-Order Shrubs

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You can plan out your perfect gardens knowing the best plants are exclusively reserved just for you. Reserve your trees, shrubs and perennials to plant in spring, and get ready to garden! Don’t forget to pre-order your fertilizers and lawn care for a successful early spring garden.

Pre-Order your Trees and Spring Flower Gardens Online

We know every gardener is happiest when they can garden every day, and we are too. But not every season is ideal for planting. Just because it’s the cool season and not the right time to plant doesn’t mean the joy of gardening has to be on pause.

The best gardens with flow, balance, and levels of interest all have one thing in common: they were planned out ahead of time. When you take the time to dream up your perfect garden, you can plan out exactly what you want and find what you need to make it happen.

planning your home landscaping is easy when you pre-order plants for spring gardening

This is why we’ve launched our Pre-Order Collections at Garden Goods Direct. Reserve first pick of your ideal spring trees, shrubs, and perennials, so that when planting season is back your plants will already be on their way to you. We’ve also included lawn and garden pre-order options - you can make sure you have all the right tools, fertilizers, and lawn care materials ready to give yourself a head start to a lush and vibrant garden.

Pre-order lawn care items and fertilizer to ensure a successful spring flower garden

Wait out the cool weather this winter while you prepare for beautiful flowers in spring, even if you can't make it to your local garden centers. We’ve worked with top industry growers across the country to source the absolute best plants, healthy and ready to go for home landscaping projects.

As we confirm plant availability in 2021, we want you, our customers, to have exclusive access to reserve your plants before early spring so that you have first dibs on the best the new crops have to offer. We’ve only released our top picks from our top vetted wholesale nurseries to be available for preorder, and we’ll continue to release new options as we can confirm their quality and availability.

woman calling sales and customer service for customized spring garden preorder requests

If you are looking for specific plants that are not in these collections, or if you’re interested in bulk orders, then make sure to call or email our sales and customer service team. We can work with our industry contacts to see if we can get you exactly what you need. Let’s make your landscaping plans a reality.

Also, if you're interested in planting flowers earlier than April because you want to plant your flowers while they're still dormant (which many flowers actually prefer), contact us and we can see when is the best delivery available for you.

What to Expect

When shopping on a product page, select “PRE-ORDER” to toggle over to the pre-order size options available for the new season. When you add these products to your cart, you’ll see a yellow Pre-Order indicator on everything that will ship during the listed spring shipping window.

Check the box in checkout to confirm that you are being charged today for plants shipping in the spring, and the check-out options will appear. Don’t forget to use PREORDER20 for 20% off of your order!

Please note that any products ordered that do not have the yellow pre-order tag will ship out as soon as you place your order, even if it is a mixed cart. Plants without the yellow preorder tag are here and ready to go today.

a grandfather and grandson getting ready to garden this spring

Once it’s time to ship pre-orders in the spring, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation so you know when your order is on its way. While we can do our best to ship within specific windows, a lot can happen between now and spring - we’ll contact each customer directly as soon as possible if there are any changes in orders or in our estimated shipping windows.

If you leave us a note in your order comments in case you have any special requests, we will do our absolute best to accommodate what we can. We work hard to schedule our shipments so that your plants arrive healthy, with minimal time in transit and minimal shock.

a retired couple enjoying their flower garden with their pre-order plants from Garden Goods

The joy of gardening is infectious. Spread the joy to loved ones and make it a collaborative effort, where everyone can pitch in and express themselves. Brighten your dormant seasons with dreams of vibrant spring blooms, flowering branches, and budding new life. Then, pre-order what you need from Garden Goods Direct and get ready to garden.