Avocado Color Quadra Trio 3.5 inch planter set by EcoForms Harvest Color Quadra Trio 3.5 inch planter set by EcoForms Mocha Color Quadra Trio 3.5 inch planter set by EcoForms Natural Color Quadra Trio 3.5 inch planter set by EcoForms Sand Color Quadra Trio 3.5 inch planter set by EcoForms

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EcoForms Quadra Trio 3.5 Inch Square Rice Hull Planter Set

When planting decorative trios, aim for three types of plants in the same family for a harmonious feel. Three types of leafy tropicals such as peace lilies, philodendrons and calatheas are one trio example, but the possibilities are endless.

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Trio of 3.5 Inch Square Rice Hull Pot Set for Sale Online

Quadra Trio square rice hull planters by EcoForms feature beautiful lines, sleek design, and a modern touch. Perfect for tables, shelves, windows, patios, and anywhere you want to feature a trio of your favorite plants. EcoForms are made out of organic plant material, providing an alternative to plastics. We think EcoForms pots are some of the best eco friendly biodegradable pots available.

  • Made to last between 5 - 10 years.
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and resilient against extreme temperature changes.
  • Rice Hull creates ideal insulation and airflow, helping plants develop healthy roots.
  • Each trio includes three square 3.5" pots and one long rectangular saucer, designed for exceptional drainage and airflow.



An Eco Friendly Pot Made From Rice Hulls

EcoForms has created an environmentally friendly pottery line made from rice hulls. Rice hulls are becoming an immensely popular resource because of the many different ways they can be used. They have natural binding agents, such as silica.

In addition to adding filtration and airflow to soils, rice hulls are also used for building materials, packaging, and pottery. It's lightweight and sturdy, and it will decompose naturally over time. Rice hulls are an ideal material since they have a much smaller impact on the environment than plastics.

Since rice hulls are an organic material, they are not as rigid as other building materials. While sturdy, this inner flexibility means that the pots are more durable to changes in weather. They are less likely to crack in a frost.

Create an eco-friendly plant oasis in your home or on your patio with these EcoForms Quadra planters. They can last up to 5 years outside and 10 years inside. When they've run their course you can recycle them guilt-free. This trio of pots is an ideal focal point for indoor gardening.

The Quadra line of EcoForms planters have small drainage holes, and the three 3/5 inch pots come with a matching tray for water overflow. These colors range from flattering neutrals to playful color pops, and they will flatter a wide variety of interior decoration styles. These also make a great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family.

When pairing trios of plants, we recommend grouping three varieties from the same family for a consistent and harmonious feel. Three herbs such as rosemary, basil, and parsley would work, or three aromatics such as lavender, sage, and thyme. These small pots work well for succulents too, and you can group many different kinds together among the three pots for an eclectic desert vibe. Make sure to use the right soils for each kind of plant in your decorative trio. 

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