Peace Lily Plants for Sale Online

The Peace Lily is a house plant that bears dark green leaves and graceful, white flowers on tall stems that rise above the foliage. Peace lily fits in well in just about every style of decor, including formal designs. Larger specimens look great on the floor. Smaller peace lily plants are perfect on desks or tables.

Because Peace Lily is one of the best indoor house plants for filtering indoor pollutants from the air, it's a great pick for Homes and Offices.

Types of Peace Lilies:

Peace Lilies are also known as Spathiphyllum. There are quite a few new varieties coming to the market now and we are currently evaluating a few varieties for merit. We plan to introduce at least two new varieties starting in January 2020. for now, we offer two varieties.

Peace Lily: Peace Lily is an elegant houseplant that does best with bright, indirect light to flower. The white 'flowers' are actually a spathe or modified leaf that covers the cream-colored spadix, a cluster of very small, true flowers.

Domino Peace Lily: Domino Peace Lily is a variegated form of the common peace lily. This tough and easy-to-grow houseplant has blotches of white all over each leaf.

Growing Peace Lilies:

Light: Peace lily plants bloom best in high-light situations. It will tolerate low-light conditions well, but won't bloom as much, if at all. so keep lighting in mind if the flowers or foliage are more important to you. Peace Lilies will tolerate fluorescent light however they will not bloom very often.

Soil: Peace lily plants do well in a standard potting soil mix. We recommend using Espoma Organic Potting Mix. This seems to hold just the right amount of moisture.

Water: Peace lilies need consistently moist soil. They do not like to sit in standing water so be sure to place your peace lily in a saucer of the decorative gravel. This allows water to drain from the pot without allowing the pot to sit in the standing water. You can also take the plant to the sink and water until water drains from the pot and return it to its saucer when it stops.

Water peace lilies whenever the top inch of soil is dry. Remember Peace Lily is a living planted item and relies on you for care.

Pro-tip: Peace lilies are generally pretty easy to grow unless you forget to water them. One day your peace lily plant is looking beautiful, then the next day you find it flopping over in its pot. If this happens there is no need to worry. Simply water the plant, let the plant soak as much moisture as it needs, and before you know it the plant will be standing tall and restored to its original glory.

If you start to notice brown tips on the leaves it means your peace lily may not be getting watered as often as it would like. Adjust the frequency of your watering schedule so as to water slightly more often.

Humidity: Mist your peace lily plant once a week during the dry winter months. This is also a good plant to keep in a saucer full of pebbles. This allows water to sit in the saucer which raises the moisture level of the air around the plant. Note: do not let the bottom of the pot sit in the water as this may cause root rot.

Fertilizer: Fertilize Peace Lily Plants during their active growth period in spring and summer. You will see bright new leaves appear during this time. Use a quality water-soluble fertilizer mixed to full strength and fertilize every three or four weeks until the active growth period ends typically in mid-fall.

We recommend Jack's Classic all-purpose fertilizer. Jack's Classic is a balanced fertilizer that is suited to the needs of ficus plants. There is no need for fertilizer during the winter months.

Are Peace Lily plants Clean Air Plants?

Peace Lily Plants are a long-time favorite among house plant enthusiasts. Research conducted by NASA found the Peace Lily Plant to be one of the top indoor plants for removing toxins from indoor air. This tropical plant breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

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