Juncus Plants For Sale Online

If you are hunting for some heavily moisture-tolerant and deer-resistant perennials, look no further than the Juncus effusus plant! These bog plants grow in damp areas along rivers and streams where many others fail to thrive. 

Beyond their hardiness to the elements, Juncus is praised for its unique vertical appearance, bringing a whole new feel to any landscape. Thick stems sprout tall and often have a blueish tone. Many enjoy incorporating the corkscrew-style Juncus in their gardens for an element of fun!

Ideal conditions for these unique perennial plants include evenly moist soils and partial to full sun. Consider growing these plants independently as a statement piece, in unison along garden borders, or in containers!

Types of Juncus Plants:

There are various types of Juncus plants to choose from, each with its own unique elements they bring to a landscape!

Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus, also known as 'Common Rush' or 'Soft Rush,' is the most basic form of effusus. Sporting narrow green foliage in a vibrant green hue, this perennial is ideal for bringing texture and form to a garden design.

Juncus Big Twister

The Juncus Big Twister boasts an upright growth habit similar to the original but with unique curling stems that make for a grand statement in any landscape! Use this plant to break up garden beds or add some funky flare to mixed container gardens.

Juncus Blue Arrow

Last but not least is the Juncus Blue Arrow. This grassy-like perennial is similar to the original but differs in its vibrant blue tones that have a cooling effect on garden designs.

Using Juncus Plants in the Landscape

Incorporating this wetland perennial grass into your landscape is simple! Whether you want just a few to break up a flower bed design or if you plant them in mass, these hardy plants are sure to make a statement in the landscape!

The most common uses for Juncus include plantings along pathways or as an effective groundcover for Wetland Restoration Projects. These plants are said to contribute positive effects of erosion control to heavily flooded areas like drainage ditches, and shorelines. Juncus is the perfect plant contributor when designing wet meadows, rain gardens, stormwater management projects, and deer-resistant plantings.

Planting Companions for Juncus

When designing a garden around the use of Juncus, there are a variety of companion plants that would pair beautifully with this moisture-loving perennial. Some specific plant pairings that we love with Juncus include Asclepias incarnata, Red Cardinal Flower, and Blue Flag Iris.