Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control

A familiar favorite when it comes to pest control and prevention, keep your houseplants safe from invasion this season with Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control. You won't regret it!

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Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control for Sale Online

An easy-to-use systemic insecticide. Work to rid your plants of detrimental insects ranging from aphids, to whiteflies, scale and more.

This product exudes convenience with ready-to-use fine granules simply sprinkled into topsoil. The granules gradually seep into the soil and rid your plant of unwanted insects. Once applied, your plant will be resistant to pests for up to 8 weeks.

Promoting full and happy plants, this product is great for use when making the transition of bringing your outdoor plants inside for the cold season.

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