Ground Cover Plants for Sale Online

Ground cover plants are a low-maintenance, aggressive perennial that is ideal for areas of your yard where the grass is not wanted, such as banks, under trees, borders, and any place you are looking for weed opposition. There is a wide variety of ground covers available to you and at Garden Goods Direct we're here to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

What types of Ground Covers are there?

When looking for a fast-growing ground cover that is easy to care for there are many choices.

Evergreen Ground Covers

Evergreen ground covers provide a pleasing green color throughout the entire year. Some of these ground covers are adaptable to both full sun and shaded areas such as English Ivy which will also tolerate all types of growing conditions and can climb a fence or even grow to the side of old buildings and create a unique look.

Flowering Ground Covers

Many ground covers will provide your garden with masses of blooms at different times of the year. Pachysandra boasts tiny white, fragrant flowers in early spring. Another fan favorite, Variegated Liriope presents a gorgeous, bright bluish-purple bloom to complement the vibrant green and white foliage in spring. Vinca minor or Periwinkle is an excellent choice for fast-spreading plants that can add an incredible amount of color when they are in bloom. These ground cover beauties will cover vast areas as they grow and will look stunning when several of these plants grow together to create a dense evergreen mass.

Drought Tolerant Ground Covers

Water is a precious resource, and in some places use is restricted during the hot summer months. One way to save water without sacrificing the aesthetics of your yard is by incorporating drought-tolerant ground covers to fill sun-prone bare spots or hard-to-mow areas. If you are looking for a ground cover that can take the heat without missing a beat look no further than Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort). This showy, versatile, and durable ground cover produces brilliant blue flowers from mid-summer through fall when its leaves turn a deep red.

Deer Resistant Ground Covers

While we tend to love wildlife and the occasional visitor in our backyard, we prefer they visit and move on vs staying for what they think is a free buffet. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a 100% deer-proof plant, but If you have frequent visits from your local deer population these deer-resistant ground covers may stand a chance:

  • Ajuga Bronze Beauty
  • Heuchera
  • Lamb's Ear (Stachys Big Ears)
  • Sedum Angelina

How can Ground Covers be Used?

Ground covers are perfect for stabilizing soil, preventing soil erosion, and will help to reduce weeds when planted under shrubs and other small border plants. Ground covers are perfect for planting on steep hillsides where it is not possible to maintain the area on a regular basis. Using ground cover in place of grass in your yard or mulch in your garden can save time, energy, and water and as a result, could save you money.