Euphorbia Plants For Sale Online

Euphorbia plants are an extremely broad plant species with a range of many different beautiful succulent-esque foliage types. Our plant nursery specializes in the carrying of cold-hardy, weather-resistant perennial varieties that bring color and beauty to any garden.

Outside of their gorgeous form and colorful foliage, these plants are praised for their ability to withstand conditions of heat along with conditions of drought and various sun conditions. If you are on the hunt for a vibrant yet low-maintenance perennial, it is likely that our euphoria plants will fill that void flawlessly.

Best suited for USDA grow zones 6-9, perennial euphorbia experience a long growing season from early spring through late fall.

Types of Euphorbia Plants

Here at our nursery, we carry two unique varieties of perennial euphorbia plants. We carry the Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow that sports vibrant hues ranging from green to yellow to red. Fountains of the multicolored foliage explode in the garden from spring through late fall.

Euphorbia Robbiae, on the other hand, is a sleeker, less showy version of Euphorbia that has a deep green base with bold yellow to green blooms.

Both of these varieties are extremely low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

Using Euphorbia Plants in the Landscape

Euphorbia can be used in any format throughout the garden, adding to the reasons to love this versatile plant! Most commonly, Euphorbia are used in mixed planting beds that get a lot of sun. These tough perennials also do great along pathway borders as well as in containers.

Planting Companions for Euphorbia

The options for companion plantings for Euphorbia are endless! We recommend pairing these plants with those that thrive in hot, dry conditions like itself. For an oasis of color and beauty, consider pairing your Euphorbia with Lavender Munstead and May Night Salvia!

For more plant pairing options that would grow well with your Euphorbia plants, check out our drought-tolerant perennial collection!