Buy Fiber and Resin Planters and Pottery Online

Buying Fiber & Resin Planters & Pottery Online

With a glossy finish and an array of colors, fiber and resin planters are a terrific way to showcase your indoor houseplants or outdoor patio plants. Plus, they add a finishing touch to your home and patio, helping you create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking to buy resin flower planters online for your home, consider our Woodie-approved selection at Garden Goods Direct.

Types of Fiber and Resin Planters for Sale

At Garden Goods Direct, we offer a multitude of fiber and resin flower planters for sale in the following shapes:

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Square

With a spectrum of colors and sizes from four to 31 inches, you’re also bound to find a series of planters for every plant in your household.

Why Use Fiber and Resin Planters?

As a gardener, you’re familiar with the variety of planter types available, such as glass,ceramic and cast stone — and they’re all appropriate for plant care. In fact, our nursery experts’ gardens and homes feature a menagerie of planters, with a distinct presence of fiber and resin planters outdoors. Why? A fiber and resin pot features an ultra weather-resistant resin, which is excellent for outdoor use. They’re also safe for freezing temperatures, which means you don’t have to worry about cracks in your pot.

A few additional benefits of fiber and resin planters are for you. While they appear bulky, the pots are lightweight, which makes re-arranging them throughout your home or patio effortless. They’re also attractive, featuring finishes and color palettes that range from naturals to brights to complement your home or patio. A benefit exclusive to our selection of fiber and resin planters is the creator, Crescent Garden, who uses clean production processes — providing you with a green product for your green thumb.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Fiber and Resin Planter

With so many styles and sizes, it can be challenging to narrow your choices. That’s why our nursery experts suggest considering the following factors:

  • Your plant’s size
  • Your plant’s growth pattern
  • Your display space size
  • Your potential planter’s drainage features
  • Your color palette or theme for display space

If you’re debating between what size planters to purchase, you can always reach out to our nursery experts for advice!

How to Use Fiber and Resin Planters in Homes and Landscapes

Before you buy your fiber resin flower planters, our nursery experts suggest checking how much potting soil and fertilizer you have on-hand. After all your potting supplies arrive, you can start transplanting your plants to their vibrant new planters. Whenever you remove a plant from a pot or tray, make sure to do it with care — pinch the bottom of your trays to help coax your plant out.

Fill your planter with a bit of potting soil before adding your plant, whose roots you should prune if they’re outside the rootball. Next, add the remainder of your potting soil and give your plant a thorough drink of water. While optional, our nursery experts do recommend fertilizing your plant after transplanting, as it’ll help it adapt to its new environment.

Buy Fiber and Resin Planters From Garden Goods Direct Today

With their attractive, colorful looks and multiple sizes, fiber and resin planters are a beautiful choice for housing your plants. Our nursery experts agree, which is why we carry many of the pots they feature throughout their own homes and gardens — yet another reason why Garden Goods Direct is the number one online garden center in America.

Buy fiber and resin planters for your vibrant flowers at Garden Goods Direct today!