Brunnera Plants For Sale Online

No fairytale garden is complete without these impeccably elegant perennials! Brunnera, named after swiss botanist, Samuel Brunner, are magnificent garden plants with sweet silvery green heart-shaped foliage. Thin veiny lines run through the leaves for a gorgeous display come early spring. Not to mention, you also have the sweetest forget-me-not like blooms to look forward to as well! 

These hardy perennial plants are extremely popular in both Northern Europe and the Northern United States. The gorgeous bloomer is best suited for USDA growing zones 3-8 and it thrives in light shade and consistently moist soils. 

Types of Brunnera Plants

There all several different varieties of Brunnera plants, each with their own special elements that add charm and beauty to a garden.

Brunnera Jack Frost

The Jack Frost Brunnera is primarily grown in shade gardens. This sweet perennial is loved for its heart-shaped veiny leaves with a cool-frosted haze. The Jack Frost also boasts delicate blue flowers that grow tall above the foliage.

Brunnera Silver Heart

The Brunnera Silver Heart is just as whimsical as the Jack Frost but differs in its smaller leaves with a silvery overlay.

Using Brunnera Plants in the Landscape

When it comes to using Brunnera in your landscape design, your options for planting are endless! Due to their hardy nature and tolerance to high humidity levels and low light, Brunnera works in a wide range of garden projects and looks beautiful just about anywhere.

Popular design tactics for Brunnera include the use as an understory addition around the base of trees. These plants also look wonderful along ponds and creek borders.

Planting Companions for Brunnera

We recommend pairing your Brunnera plants with other shade-loving perennials like heuchera, dicentra bleeding hearts, and astilbe. Incorporating a wide range of colors and textures into your shade garden will really bring those low light areas of your yard to life!