Blue Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs are a beautiful addition to any home garden or commercial landscape. We often seen them in red, white, yellow, and pink, but blue flowering shrubs are eyecatching attractions. Blue flowers add a pop of excitement to any garden, especially bright and colorful ones. The contrast between blue petals and green foliage is sure to win you over. 

What Kinds of Blue Flowering Shrubs do We Offer at Garden Goods Direct?


  • Endless Summer Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Endless Summer Twist and Shout Hydrangea Shrubs
  • L.A. Dreamin' Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Let's Dance Blue Jangles Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Bluebird Lacecap Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Blue Billow Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Let's Dance Rhythmic Blue Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Teller Blue Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Lemon Wave Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Let's Dance Diva Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Let's Dance Starlight Hydrangea Shrubs
  • Hydrangea Blue Entrantress Shrubs
  • Cityline Rio Hydrangea Shrubs

Butterfly Bush Shrubs

  • Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush Shrubs
  • Forth of July Butterfly Bush Shrub
  • Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush Shrubs
  • Butterfly Bush Petite Blue Heaven Shrubs


Miscellaneous Blue Flowering Shrubs

  • Delta Blues Vitex Shrubs
  • Caryopteris Beyond Midnight Shrubs
  • Caryopteris Dark Knights Shrubs

Blue flowering shrubs are the perfect accent to colorful gardens and even add a pop of excitement to gardens full of greenery. To ensure you get the best blue flowering shrub for your garden, first, check your grow zone and then get to shopping!