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These plants look beautiful when used as bedding plants or placed in hanging baskets. You will want to plant your plant in a sunny area with rich, well-draining soil conditions. You will see your annuals blooming mid-spring and will repeat bloom until the first frost. We recommend deadheading the entire flower after flowers fade to encourage more blossoms.

Although these flowers are called Annual Geraniums, they are not actually geraniums. These plants are members of the Pelargonium genus. These plants were once a part of the Geranium genus, but in 1789 Pelargonium was designed, separating the two genera (hardy geraniums and annual geraniums). The geranium name is still widely used as the common label for these annual plants. These tropical plants are native to South Africa but are typically grown only as annuals in the U.S. If you live in warm areas of the U.S., your Annual Geraniums could survive the winter months.

How to Care for Annual Geraniums


Annual Geraniums are relatively drought-tolerant plants and can often go completely dry for a day or two before watering. It is encouraged to wait a couple of days before watering to encourage more profuse blooming throughout their growing season. However, don't leave them dry for so long that they start dropping leaves and declining.


Annual Geraniums prefer rich, well-draining soil conditions. They also prefer slightly acidic soils- 5.8 to 6.5. If you are growing your annuals in containers, use well-draining, general-purpose potting soil. Avoid garden soil for your potted Annual Geraniums. Because Annual Geraniums are drought-tolerant, they can afford to have their soil dry out for a couple of days. Be sure not to allow their soil to dry out for much longer; it could harm their growth.


Zonal Geraniums, like these, are not heavy feeders. However, they are usually grown in containers, and a light feeding with your fertilizer of choice is encouraged. You can do this every two to four weeks to ensure your Annual Geraniums stay vigorous their entire blooming season. If you are using these as perennials, avoid fertilizing in the winter during their growth dormancy.


Annual Geraniums will grow in full sun or partially shaded areas of your garden. However, they bloom best when in full sun with some shady relief in the hottest hours of the day; usually, afternoon shade is best. If you notice your plants not blooming so well, you may need to place them in more shade. They could be receiving too much sun that is stunting their growth.

How to Propagate Annual Geraniums 

The traditional method of propagating geraniums is to take cuttings and grow a new plant from them. When choosing which plant to cut, make sure your Annual Geranium is healthy and vigorous. First, take a short cutting with several leaves and place the end into a container of warm, damp, sterile potting mix. Make sure you are cutting the plant with clean sheers. Sheers that are contaminated with diseased plants could cause your cuttings to be diseased as well. Keep the pot moist and place it in a bright location, out of direct sunlight. Do so until the roots become established.

Always keep the plant well-watered but not too soggy and feed it weekly with houseplant fertilizer. Be sure to use a weak houseplant fertilizer because your plant is very delicate. As spring arrives, you can begin to harden off your new plant by taking them outside during the day and bringing them back in at night until they are blooming. It should only take about a month for your hardy plant to produce flowers.

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Annual Geraniums are beautiful additions to any landscape with their vibrant flowers and complementary foliage. You can easily find one that will match the style and size of your garden. 

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