Which Houseplant Is Best For You Based on Your Lifestyle

Which Houseplant Is Best For You Based on Your Lifestyle

Jan 12, 2022

Houseplants have the ability to bring a new flare to your home or office aesthetic…but there are so many to choose from. How does one decide which plant is best for them? Whether you’re an active, always on-the-go soul, an organized planner, a natural-born nurturer, or somewhere in between, here at Garden Goods Direct, we have the houseplant for you.

The great thing about houseplants is their versatility in care regimens. So, depending upon how you live your life, you can dictate what houseplant best fits into your lifestyle and routine with this simple guide.

Houseplants For an Active Lifestyle

Are you always on the go? Just because you’re a busy bee does not mean you don’t have what it takes to be a good plant parent. The great thing about a good majority of houseplants is many don’t need constant care or attentiveness. The best indoor plants for people with an active lifestyle are ones that are low maintenance and don’t require constant watering, pruning and fertilization.

Three great low maintenance plants we recommend for people on-the-go are Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, and Cacti. These are great options because they don't require a ton of effort and can easily adapt to most home conditions without problem.

Snake Plants and ZZ plants only need water once a month and can thrive in just about any lighting conditions–even a room with no windows! These plants are also a great way to naturally purify the air while adding a fresh pop of color to any dark space. Cacti just need bright sunshine and a good watering once a month to thrive.

ZZ Plant in Pot

Houseplants For The Easy-Going Lifestyle

This one's for my free spirits out there. You go wherever the wind blows you, and you live a carefree, laidback life. The best types of houseplants for the free spirits are ones that easily adapt to whatever is thrown their way. Whether it be a splash of water once every two weeks and a lack of heavy sun, or a heavily saturated soil every week and some pretty bright indirect light, these plants can take it.

Some highly adaptable plants that we would recommend for the laidback souls are Pothos, Philodendron, and Aglaonema. These houseplants offer quick and luscious growth in a plethora of environments, and they are not picky when it comes to how they are cared for.

The vining beauties of Pothos and Heart Leaf Philodendron are perfect plants for the easy going because they will tolerate just about anything. Their preferred care regimen is bright indirect sunlight and watering when the soil dries out, which is typically every week and a half to two weeks. Like you carefree plant parents, the mellow nature of these plants allows them to tolerate over and underwatering and most lighting environments.

Aglaonema are great for their tolerance to drought and various lighting conditions makes them ideal for laidback individuals.

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Houseplants For The Detail-Oriented Lifestyle

Do you always adhere to a strict schedule? Are you one to plan your days out weeks in advance down to the smallest details? If this sounds like you, then you may be looking for a plant that loves a strict routine for care.

For those with a detail oriented lifestyle, the Garden Goods Direct team would recommend Hoyas, Fittonia, and Ficus. Plants within these species are not necessarily difficult, but they are particular.

Each of these plants just has a very specific care regimen that needs to be followed. So, once you planners figure out your plants' specific needs, just mark your calendar for watering and fertilization reminders, and your perfect little jungle will continue to thrive.

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Houseplants For The Natural-Born Nurturer

There are some people out there who just live to care for others. Viewing each situation with compassion and support, natural born nurturers are destined to own houseplants in their lifetime. While the nurturer can probably handle some common low maintenance plants, it is the higher maintenance houseplants that will give them the greatest sense of fulfillment.

For the nurturers, we suggest Calathea and Ferns as the houseplants that best suit this specific lifestyle. These plants are great for nurturers because, while they can be classified by some as “high maintenance” or “needy,” someone who is innately more caring and attentive will find them enjoyable.

Craving high humidity levels, a bright indirect sunshine and watering fairly frequently, Calathea and Ferns love to be loved. Give them your attention and care and they will provide you with gorgeous foliage that will bring any space to life.

Whether you embrace a nonstop lifestyle or you like to roll with the punches and take on whatever life throws your way, plant parenthood can be in the cards for you! Hopefully this guide helped you figure out what plants best suit your lifestyle preferences and needs.