Beautifying Your Yard With Helleborus

Beautifying Your Yard With Helleborus

Feb 16, 2023

Helleborus, also known as the Lentin Rose, is a well-loved winter-blooming perennial. Boasting the most unique flowers, these breathtaking plants are invaluable additions to the garden. 

Coming in a wide range of bloom colors, there is a Helleborus strain for any and every garden design! Delicate rose-like petals grace these hardy perennials, but the real star of the show is the explosion of white to golden yellow stamens in the flower’s center.

Additional reasons to love Helleborus include their tolerance to cold weather, resistance to pests, and easy care regimen! Bring unmatched exotic beauty and sophisticated charm to your landscape this season when you plant these magnificent perennials!

Types of Helleborus For Sale Online

helleborus orientalis blooms in winter

Helleborus Orientalis

Helleborus Orientalis is the original Helleborus cultivar.

Sporting a range of flower colors ranging from white, pink, green, mauve, and smoky purples, these long-lived perennials bring so much excitement and beauty to an outdoor space.

pine knot select helleborus

Helleborus Pine Knot Select

As one of the earliest blooming of the Helleborus strains, Helleborus Pine Knot Select also offers a wonderful range of colors from dark slate purple to pinks, whites, yellows, and everything in between. 

This drought-tolerant strain of Lentin Rose thrives in conditions of morning sun and mid-day shade. The popular perennials are also readily deer-resistant and tolerant to disease.

ivory prince helleborus

Helleborus Ivory Prince

Bring a dreamy and whimsical feel to the yard when you plant Helleborus Ivory Prince.

These unique late-winter bloomers have petals with a bright white base along with hints of green and magenta throughout. In addition to planting in the garden, these also make for stunning additions to cut flower arrangements.

sandy shores hellebore

Helleborus Sandy Shores

Transform your backyard into a coastal getaway by planting a plethora of Helleborus Sandy Shores!

The unique magenta freckled petals and bright yellow centers have such a warm and inviting glow. Pair these incredible bloomers with a leafy mix of shade-loving hostas for the ultimate impact!

wine red blooms in winter

Helleborus Viv Victoria

The Helleborus Viv Victoria exudes romance and passion. The deep red hues comparable to your favorite red wine will leave onlookers in awe and will surely elevate your outdoor space.

Consider alternating these gorgeous winter bloomers with a pale white perennial like Nepeta Calamintha for the ultimate flower bed.

mahogany snow hellebore

Helleborus Mahogany Snow

Next on the list of Lentin Roses to take your breath away is the Helleborus Mahogany Snow.

This Lentin Rose boasts outward-facing creamy white flowers with a dusty rose overlay. Pushing out blooms beginning in January, these winter interest plants will brighten up your dull winter yard!

royal heritage helleborus

Helleborus Royal Heritage

Last but certainly not least on the list of Helleborus winter-blooming perennials to love is the Helleborus Royal Heritage.

This new and improved selection of Lentin Rose offers a wide range of flower colors including tons and combinations of purples, reds, pinks and whites. Closely resembling Helleborus Orientalis, this gorgeous hybrid is even hardier to the elements and brings so much allure to an outdoor space.

helleborus companion plants

Helleborus Companion Plants

Once you’ve selected which Helleborus you want to grow in your garden, it's time to incorporate some Lentin Rose companion plants!

For the hardy perennials that thrive in shade, you will want to select plants with similar care needs. We’ve taken the liberty of picking out our favorite plants to pair with Helleborus!

Some of our favorite plants to pair with your Helleborus include hostas, hardy ferns, and sedge grasses. These options all exude understated beauty and are great low-distraction options that let the Hellebore have its moment in the spotlight. These shade-loving perennials also have very similar care regimens making it simple to care for your shade garden.

If you are in search of more unique colors and exotic beauty to pair with your Helleborus, we would recommend planting Mediterranean Heather or Dicentra Bleeding Hearts. Your garden will become an explosion of color in late winter that lasts into the early spring.