Pine Trees for Sale Online

Pine trees are one of our favorite trees for many reasons. They are a fast-growing evergreen tree, which means they stay green all year long. They are virtually maintenance free once established. Most of the different types of Pine Trees are easy to grow. Pines are well known to be drought tolerant and can survive short dry seasons with no stress.

The roots of a pine tree are complex and extensive and can seek moisture from deep in the ground. Pine trees are mostly moderately growing trees and grow between 1 to 3 feet per year after establishment. Pines also provide an excellent habitat for small wildlife including birds to live and forage. Pines very hardy trees and are used for buffer trees, windbreaks, and even privacy screens.

For more information on using Pine Trees as a Privacy Screen read our blog: Easy Ways to Use Privacy Trees in your Yard.

How to Plant Pine Trees

Pines prefer full sunlight however they will grow in partial shade but will maintain a more open and airy habit. Young freshly planted pines don't require as frequent watering as some other trees. Pine trees are a tap-rooted tree which means they send down o long central root which gives the trees the ability to tap into water sources further down in the soil profile. For this reason, pines are able to be planted closer together or even mixed in among other deciduous trees without competing for precious soil moisture at the surface. Watering them less frequently actually encourages the taproot to grow.

Pines can be planted any time of year provided the soil can be worked. Even though they hold their "leaves" through the winter they are actually in a state of dormancy. During this dormant period if the soil temperature remains above freezing the roots will continue to grow and seek out new moisture sources. White pines, for example, are an excellent choice for planting away from the house as you will need to spend less time watering them than say a Green Giant Arborvitae.

Soil requirements for Pine Trees

Pines prefer acidic soils and generally, they can maintain their own acid levels due to the needles falling from the tree. We recommend leaving the needles to lay under the trees rather than raking them up. During the first few years after planting, we recommend a sprinkling of Espoma Soil Acidifier twice a year. This will help to maintain elevated acid levels in the soil until the tree is old enough to take care of its own needs. The most important thing, to remember is good drainage is a must.

Varieties of Pine Trees

Eastern White Pine Trees: The Eastern White Pine is an evergreen tree best used in landscapes with ample space. Its fine feathery needles, open canopy, and straight trunk get more picturesque with age. White Pines are fast-growing and long-lived and are the perfect tree for windbreaks in large open areas. Unlike some evergreen plants, Eastern White Pine has few pest and disease problems. If you’ve had issues with Leyland Cypress in your yard, this plant is a great replacement. White Pines will reach heights of up to 45 to 50 feet tall.

Japanese Black Pine Trees: Japanese Black Pine is an interesting, fast-growing species of Pine that prefers full sun. The interesting growth habit adds character to the landscape. Silvery white candles in the spring and rich, dark green densely packed needles provide year-round interest. An ideal focal point for the Asian garden, whether sculpted into an artistic shape or left in its natural form.

Vanderwolfs Pyramid Pine: Vanderwolfs Pyramid Limber Pine produces soft foliage that resembles a Cedar from a distance. It is remarkably tolerant of various conditions and is an important component in Midwestern windbreaks and buffer plantings. Vanderwolfs Pyramid Limber Pine adapts well to dry conditions in the Far West, both in semi-desert areas and the mountain foothill regions where soils are thin and poor.

We are always adding new species of pine and we're confident that you will find a pine that grows in about all of the North American planting Zones.

We are proud of the Pines we grow and trust you will enjoy them for many many years.