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There are about 35 species of pine trees found throughout all regions of North America. The Northern Forests of our country are well known for the large stands of White and Long Needled Pines. A number of foreign trees, such as Scots pine and Austrian pine, have been introduced for commercial and ornamental purposes and have proven to thrive in most areas of North America. Pines are evergreen trees, most with long, needle-shaped leaves. The female flowers of the tree are called cones. The variety of shapes and the durability of pines makes them an attractive choice for the home landscaper.

Pine trees can have impressive lifespans, some stretching to 1,000 years of age, and the oldest known pine tree in the world is over 4,500 years old and can be found in California.

We are proud of the Pines we grow and know you will enjoy them for many many years.