Bloomathon white bloom-a-thon azalea shrub with lots of white flowers closeup of white bloomathon azalea flower
Bloomathon white bloom-a-thon azalea shrub with lots of white flowers closeup of white bloomathon azalea flower

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Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea Shrubs

Rhododendron x 'RLH1-3P3'

Azaleas with white blooms are already a show stopping treat, but we love how these Bloom-A-Thon White Azaleas just keep blooming and blooming, even through the summer heat and into the fall.

Growzone: 5-9

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Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea Shrubs for Sale Online

Even high summer temperatures don't stop this beauty from producing loads of snow-white blooms for up to 5 months straight. Stark white flowers appear in April, then again in early July, continuing through fall until the first hard frost. The evergreen foliage is disease resistant.

Growing Zone: 6-9
Mature Height: 3 to 5 feet
Mature width: 3 to 5 feet
Classification: Broad leaved evergreen shrub
Sunlight: Part Shade to filtered sun
Habit: Mounded, dwarf
Foliage: Green
Flower Color: White
Pruning Season: Spring or summer after bloom cycles, minimal pruning only
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil, acidic soil prefered
Water Requirement: Water well until established
Uses: Extremely attractive when used as in the mixed border, or containers
This Plants Growzone: 5-9 Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea Shrubs Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea Shrubs

When purchasing a Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea, make sure to read the recommended care instructions to ensure a healthy plant for years to come!

What kind of soil is best for a Bloom-A-Thon Azalea?

What kind of soil is best for a Bloom-A-Thon Azalea?

Bloom-A-Ton Azaleas, much like other Azalea varieties, prefer to stay moist but must have well-draining soil. This is why we highly recommend that you amend your soil before planting your Autumn Shrubs to make sure they become established successfully and thrive. Clay soils are too dense and will not allow the roots to breathe and grow. First, dig a hole twice as wide and the same depth as the root ball. Then, amend the soil in the bottom of the hole to be an even mix of native soil and organic material, such as peat moss, pine bark, or compost material. Position your azalea in the hole so that it is not too deep (the potting mix it arrived in should be slightly visible when done), and backfill the hole with the same 50/50 mix. Pat gently when finished, layer with organic mulch and water thoroughly.

What is the right amount of sun for Bloom-A-Thon Azalea shrubs?

What is the right amount of sun for Bloom-A-Thon Azalea shrubs?

Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas bloom from late spring through summer to fall, but having the correct sun exposure for your azaleas will ensure that all of their bloom cycles are full and spectacular. Make sure they get about 4 to 6 hours of sun. The partial or filtered sun will help encourage those iconic fluffy white blossoms to bloom multiple times in the year. You can try morning light on a north-facing wall or filtered shade on the south, or a west-facing garden would work. East-facing landscapes will often provide the softest balance of light, depending on where you live.

How much water do White Azalea bushes need?

How much water do White Azalea bushes need?

Azaleas prefer a well-hydrated environment, but they cannot sit in water for long periods. Water that does not drain away will cause root rot. Depending on how quickly or slowly your soil drains water will determine how frequently you should water your Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea, as well as sun exposure and seasonal heat. When you first plant your azalea, give the ground a long, healthy watering. Then, for the next few days, check the soil daily to see how quickly or slowly it begins to feel dry. When the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch, you should water your plant for a count of 5-seconds for each gallon-size container your plant arrived in. A 3-gallon pot will need a 15-second count when watering, etc. This way, you can keep your azalea happy and avoid the risks of overwatering.

Should I use mulch for Azalea borders?

Should I use mulch for Azalea borders?

Azalea shrubs will benefit from 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch, such as cypress or hardwood chips. High-quality mulch in a ring covering the root system of your Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas will serve many purposes. It will stop weeds from growing in the surrounding area and stealing resources. It will help to regulate temperature around the roots so they do not get too cold or too hot in extreme weather. Also, the mulch will break down over time, providing much-needed nutrients to the soil below. Make sure to keep the mulch an inch or so away from the stem to allow sufficient space for growth.

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