Vanilla Orchid Plants with climbing foliage on trellis vanilla plant flower, with beautiful cream yellow elongated orchid petals closeup of vanilla foliage leaves of vanilla orchid plant vanilla pods vanilla beans fruit of vanilla orchid plant
Vanilla Orchid Plants with climbing foliage on trellis vanilla plant flower, with beautiful cream yellow elongated orchid petals closeup of vanilla foliage leaves of vanilla orchid plant vanilla pods vanilla beans fruit of vanilla orchid plant

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Vanilla Orchids

Vanilla planifolia

If you have tasted a vanilla bean, then you have tasted the fruit of this special little orchid. This vining orchid produces lovely yellow-cream flowers and will brighten your home. Don't be intimidated - we'll help you master perfect orchid care!

Growzone: 11-12

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Vanilla Orchid Plants for Sale Online

Vanilla Orchids are one of our favorite indoor plants since they boast both the iconic, delicate orchid flowers and the foliage of a lush tropical indoor plant. Vanilla Orchid Plants have foliage that grows up along the vines, so they look beautiful between blooming cycles. When it does bloom (and we'll walk you through everything you need to know to make a happy vanilla plant live long enough to bloom and rebloom), it has the most lovely, delicate yellow and cream flowers. If you hand pollinate the flowers, you might even get to harvest their fruit pods: the very same vanilla bean we cook with! Follow the care instructions offered below to ensure yours is a thriving, long-lived Vanilla Orchid plant.

Growing Zone: 11-12
Mature Height: 24 to 36 inches indoors, up to 10 feet in natural habitat
Mature Width: 12 to 18 inches
Classification: Tropical epiphyte
Sunlight: Bright indirect light to low light, early morning sunlight is ideal
Habit: Climbing
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Needs aeration - Fir bark, lava rocks, moss, clay and charcoal pellets, etc.
Water Requirements: Water thoroughly with filtered water, then allow to almost fully dry before watering again
Uses: Indoor ornamental flowering plant; focal point on a shelf or windowsill; rooms with warmth and humidity
This Plants Growzone: 11-12 Vanilla Orchids Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Vanilla Orchids

Before buying your Vanilla Orchid, read the recommended care instructions to ensure your orchid thrives in its new home.

What kind of soil does a Vanilla Orchid Plant need?

What kind of soil does a Vanilla Orchid Plant need?

Vanilla Orchids are epiphytes and they grow on tree bark in their native tropical environments. This means their roots are very unique, and traditional potting soil will suffocate them. Plant your Vanilla Orchid in a soil mixture specific for orchids - these mixes are made up of bulky organic materials that retain moisture while allowing lots of air to reach the roots. Fir bark mixed with moss and charcoal are most popular, but clay pellets, lava rocks, or coconut husks work as well. Note: once the soil breaks down over time, you will need to repot your orchid into fresh orchid soil mix. Also, just because they need lots and lots of drainage and aeration does not mean they are truly drought tolerant - they prefer warm humid environments like a bathroom windowsill. See additional information below on how to choose the right kind of soil for Vanilla Orchids.

How do I water my Vanilla Orchids?

How do I water my Vanilla Orchids?

Vanilla orchids' roots will actually let you know when they need to be watered (their roots will turn a silver white when dry, and are greener in color when they have enough water). Watering in the morning is best, since orchids have such a strong internal clock. Make sure whatever pot your orchid lives in has lots of drainage, and wait until the soil is nearly bone dry before watering (this is important to prevent root rot). One of two good techniques is to submerge your orchid (roots, pot, soil together) into a bowl of filtered water, and allow it to stay submerged until the roots and soil have absorbed all the water they can. Remove the pot and allow it to drain fully in a sink. The second technique is to simply leave your orchid in a sink or tub and let water run through the soil until it has absorbed as much water as it can, then let it drain fully before removing from the sink. This works with faucet water as long as your water is not too harsh. See more information about other ways to properly water your orchid in additional information below.

How much sun does a vanilla plant need?

How much sun does a vanilla plant need?

Vanilla orchids are tropical plants, used to growing on the sides of much larger trees. They do best in indirect light and lower light environments because they are used to being under a tropical canopy. Also, these plants have a strong natural rhythm between day and night, like cacti and many other plants. They will be happiest in low light spots or spots with filtered light where it is warmer in the day and a little cooler in the evening. Many people recommend windows that receive morning light. Do not allow your orchid to sit in hot afternoon sun or direct light or the leaves will be scorched. You can see more about light conditions for orchids in additional information below.

When do I fertilize my vanilla orchid plant?

When do I fertilize my vanilla orchid plant?

If you want to see your orchid bloom and rebloom, a good fertilizing schedule is going to be important. Once you set up a steady routine it isn't difficult to keep your orchid well fed. Choose a balanced liquid orchid fertilizer, such as Jack's Classic Orchid 7-5-6, and feed approximately every two to three weeks, less in the winter or after blooming is over. It is always best to fertilize your orchids in the morning, since they are plants with natural internal clocks and react differently to water, light and nutrients during the day than they do in the evening.

Additional Information

Please note, due to the sensitive nature of orchids, no refunds can be offered after 5 days of its arrival to you, without exception. This is why we have included every single piece of advice that we have for you on this page, since we want your new orchid to live its best life in its new home! If there is an issue within the first 5 days that your Variegated Vanilla Orchid has arrived, please call or email us at and we will investigate our options and make things right.

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