Syngonium Allusion Gold

Syngonium' Gold Allusion'

Growzone: 9-11

A fantastic mound of green to white foliage combined with a golden hue combines with the heart-shaped foliage to create an illusion of hearts. The muted color is a perfect accent to any plant arrangement. Extremely low maintenance and adds a tranquil, natural feel used indoors, or can it be enjoyed outdoors during warm weather on a shaded porch, patio or deck. Does well in a hanging basket also.

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6" $16.95
Full Description

Syngonium Allusion Gold is content in very small containers, and usually has disproportionately more foliage growth compared to root growth. The heart shaped leaves are mixed white and green, and the plant takes on a vining habit once it reaches maturity. Thankfully if a compact bushy plant is preferred, Syngonium Allusion Gold can be trained to stay small and compact. This plant does well in terrariums or fairy gardens in containers that don’t drain. Alternately, it can also be grown in water culture without soil. Syngonium Allusion Gold is an extremely low light plant, and does well in offices and locations with fluorescent light to bright, indirect light.  

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