Red-Tipped Photinia

Photinia x fraseri

Growzone: 6-9

The oval leaves of Red-Tipped photinia plants start out red but turn into the dark greenish-red after a couple weeks to a month. During the spring, the photinia also has 6 inch clusters of white flowers that produce red fruits. Often the berries last well into winter providing food for birds. 

Size Price Quantity
1 GAL 18 inches tall $18.95
3 GAL 2.5 3 feet tall $46.95

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Full Description

Red-Tipped Photinia is an attractive evergreen featuring rich red foliage that remains evergreen. Its white flowers in early spring stand out against the red foliage in the spring and produce berries which add interest during the winter months. With its bright foliage, it is the perfect plant to use as a specimen or privacy hedge in any size garden. The overall size of the Red-Tipped Photina is easy to control with pruning and can be kept at any height from 4 feet to 12 feet with only a minimum of pruning. Photinia tend to flush out new growth in the spring and that growth can be pruned off to maintain height. Red-Tipped Photinia responds well to pruning and will fill in and become a dense hedge in a short amount of time.

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