Peperomia Frost

Peperomia 'Frost'

Growzone: 9-11

 Peperomia Frost plants are wonderful succulent plants with thick, round, pedal-like leaves that are green with white accents that are really low maintenance.  Its unique foliage and vine like stems makes a great indoor decor piece.  


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Full Description

Peperomia Frost is a rare and very hard-to-find indoor plant native to southern China. We have finally built up our stock to have enough to offer you this highly sought after and easy to grow plant. The plant's bright green color contrasts wonderfully against white walls or pots, which is perhaps why it's so highly sought after in the minimalist interior design world. Also called Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage, Peperomia Frost has a central upright stem, surrounded on all sides by its characteristic perky flat leaves. Its also called pass-along plant or friendship plant because as your friends see yours, you can easily reach in and pull a little "pup" out of the pot and start them on their journey to having their own pass-along plant. Peperomia Frost is spectacularly easy to grow indoors. Simply place the plant where it will receive bright but indirect light, watering regularly and shielding from the direct sun. The plant will reward you with seemingly constant growth.

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