Ficus Benjamina Braid

Ficus benjamina

Growzone: 9-11

Ficus Benjamina Low Light Indoor Tree

Elegant houseplant which is typically grown as an indoor tree with shiny green leaves. Ficus are well known to clean the indoor air of formaldehyde.

Size Price Quantity
6" 1-1.5' tall $22.95
10" 3-4' tall $59.95
12" 5-6' tall $129.95
Full Description

Ficus Benjamina Braid is one of the most common houseplants. The solid green leaves arise from a beautiful light gray trunk. These plants need bright, direct light and they prefer to dry out some between watering. It’s best to keep Ficus Benjamina in the same location, because any change in moisture, light or location will cause the plant to drop some of its leaves to adjust.

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Additional Information

Ficus benjamina braid is a low maintenance houseplant that originates in Asia. These standards have been pruned to keep a tree form, but they also make attractive, compact hedges if planted outside in a hardy location. A relatively smooth, brownish gray trunk gives way to a sphere of tear drop shaped leaves. Sometimes the trunks are braided or twisted to provide more ornamental interest. Ficus benjamina braid tolerates a wide range of conditions: bright light to full sun, very dry to wet, and a variety of soil. They make a great houseplant, and clean the air inside your home of formaldehyde as well. Ficus benjamina is the Latin name, from the family of Figs, Ficus, and benjamina is from the name in Hindi, Benjan. Ficus trees are sacred in Southeastern Asia because Buddha found enlightenment under one.