Espoma Tomato-tone

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Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus

Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus

Espoma Organic Tomato-Tone for Sale Online

Feed your tomatoes naturally with Espoma Tomato-Tone. Tomato-tone is made from natural and organic plant food ingredients and contains no sludges or fillers. The organics in Tomato-tone breaks down gradually to provide safe, long-lasting food reservoir throughout the growing season. Contains Bio-tone, a proprietary blend of microbes that biologically enhances plant food to ensure superior plant growth.

  • Encourages more flowers for best fruit production
  • Proven to promote healthy plant growth
  • Contains 8% calcium to help prevent blossom end rot
  • Long lasting, slow-release feeding with our exclusive Bio-tone Microbes
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients with no fillers or sludges

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