Echeveria Mensah

Echeveria mensah

Growzone: 9-11

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This Plants Growzone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: Up to 8 inches
Mature Width: Up to 24 inches
Classification: Succulent
Flower Color: Yellow
Flowering Season: Summer
Foliage Color: Dark green
Light Requirements: Bright Light (Sunny Window)
Water Requirements: Well Drained Soil, likes to dry out only a little between watering. Water sparingly in winter

Echeveria Mensah Succulents for Sale Online

Easy to care for Echeveria ‘Mensah’ is highly sought after for its large rosettes and fantastic color.  Lovely addition to any collection.

Full Description

Low Maintenance Echeveria Mensah

Echeveria ‘Mensah’ is highly sought after for its large rosettes and fantastic colour. A lovely addition to any collection.

Planting Information

Water the plant in its original container and let it sit for one hour before repotting this will help to reduce the stress on the plant from the re-potting process. If the container you've chosen was used previously make sure to clean it before you start. If you have a new container, no preparation is necessary. A new clay pot will require overnight soaking in water. This will prevent the container from soaking up any moisture from the potting mix when the plant is first repotted. If using a clay container with drainage holes, place a few pieces of a gravel over the hole to prevent the drainage hole from becoming clogged over time. Next, remove the plant and gently "tease" the roots so that they are no longer circling the rootball or are densely matted. Place some potting mix in the container so that when the rootball is placed on top, the top of the rootball is slightly below the lip of the new pot. we like to see at least a half an inch between the top of the pot and the soil line. We recommend Espoma Organic Cactus Mix for your Echeveria Mensah as this soil tends to drain quicker and dry out faster than most commercial potting soils Then add more potting mix around the rootball and gently firm the top layer so that the potting mix fills the container, but is not so compacted that it restricts water and air movement into and through the pot. When filling the container, leave an inch or slightly less space between the potting mix and the top of the container so that there is room for water and additional plant growth. Next, water the potting mix well and place it its intended location. Its our recommendation to cover the surface of the soil with decorative gravel. This will help to keep the leaves of Echeveria Mensah from coming into contact with damp soil which could cause rotting of the foliage.

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