self watering planters filled with plants citron crescent noah self watering planter nutmeg crescent noah self watering planter sage crescent noah self watering planter white crescent noah self watering planter
self watering planters filled with plants citron crescent noah self watering planter nutmeg crescent noah self watering planter sage crescent noah self watering planter white crescent noah self watering planter

Crescent Noah 6 Inch Self Watering Pot

This self watering pot features an extra drainage hole below the water reservoir, providing optimal control for your moisture-loving plant varieties.

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Crescent 6 Inch Self Watering Pot for Sale Online

Part of the Crescent Gardens lightweight Planter line, the Noah is the only one that features a self-watering water reservoir at the base of the planter. These 6 inch Noah planters perfect for use indoors or out with your plants that prefer a little more moisture.

Only a few species of plants truly need to sit in a pool of water. However, having a watering planter that will help regulate how moist the soil stays around the roots will indefinitely help both novice and expert gardeners.

With a built-in water reservoir, the Noah Self Watering Pot lifts the soil up from the bottom of the pot, leaving extra room for excess water in the bottom. That water will be drawn back up through osmosis into the soil, providing just the right amount of moisture over the course of a few days.

The lightweight, durable material is made in Italy, and it is weather resistant. This makes this plant perfect for both indoor gardening and outdoor container gardening. There are some plants that prefer to be watered more frequently, so this planter is a great pairing with these kinds of plants, especially if you are not around and able to water your garden as often.

The decorative colors include a white, a deep rich Nutmeg brown, a neutral Sage green, and a bright, sunny Citron yellow. Display the Noah Self Watering Planter in a living room, on a shelf, by a windowsill, in a kitchen, or as a dining room centerpiece for a pop of color.

The Noah planter from Crescent Gardens also features an extra drainage hole, in case too much water has pooled and the water has risen above the reservoir level. This is especially important if you are using your Noah planter outside and the weather calls for rain. For everyday use, the drainage hole has a small plastic plug, included.

Illustration of the drainage hole below the Noah Self Watering Planter water reservoir

Some people might worry that a self watering planter with a water reservoir could cause root rot, but as long as you make sure to check your soil often you should be able to prevent anything. A little while after watering, if your soil feels soggy or muddy to the touch then you should open the drainage hole and let all of the water out. This way excess water still in the soil can drain out and fill the reservoir instead. Make sure your plant is also receiving adequate light.

If you still feel that too much water is staying in the Noah planter, then keep the reservoir unplugged and put a tray underneath until everything can even out. This flexibility is part of what makes the Noah 6 inch Self Watering Pot so perfect for a variety of plants and their unique needs. You can always use the Noah planter as a decorative plant pot cover, and keep your plant in its original nursery pot.

Dimensions: 11.50 inches Inside Top x 7.50 inches Wide Bottom x 9.75 inches Tall

Crescent Gardens Pottery

Crescent gardens has revolutionized the world of planters. Their planters are constructed of ultra weather-resistant resin. They are crack-proof and fade resistant. This means to you that you will be purchasing a product that will last for many years to come. The lightweight double-walled containers are easy to move even when filled with soil.

Crescent planters can be left outside in the winter with no worry that the pot will crack due to freezing weather. Crescent planters are more efficient to grow your plants because the planters will require less watering due to the resin construction. The resin construction provides numerous benefits including superior structural integrity, enhanced appearance, and insulating properties for better thermal protection of the delicate root systems of your plants. the resin wall construction protects roots from not only the freezing temperatures of winter but the high heat generated by the summer sun. We are proud to offer Crescent planters to you our customers.

Garden Goods Direct is extremely proud to offer a product that is manufactured in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious way.

Additional Information

10 Year Limited Warranty 

Crescent Trading Group LLC will replace any Crescent polyethylene rotational molded item if it cracks or fades due to defective workmanship and materials during the first 10 years from the date of purchase. Customer is responsible for all Shipping and Handling charges. Should any product fail to comply with this warranty within 10 years Crescent shall, upon written notification, replace the defective planter with its then closest current model, FOB Crescent's closest distribution facility

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