Blue Point Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point'

Growzone: 4-9

Blue Point Juniper Privacy Trees

The Blue Point Juniper is a densely branched evergreen Juniper with a naturally pyramidal growing growth habit. The Blue-green foliage of the Blue Point Juniper stays consistent year round and requires little to no maintenance once established. This selection is drought tolerant, deer resistant, adaptable to many soil types, and very easy to grow. Makes an excellent low to mid-height privacy screen.

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Full Description

Blue Point Juniper Evergreen Tree

Blue Point Juniper is a very hardy, fast growing upright juniper with a very pyramidal, columnar growth habit. It can withstand drought, high wind, and the summer heat better than most other upright junipers. Juniperus Chinensis blue point is a good choice for privacy borders, windscreens, as well as accent and group plantings. It retains its excellent blue-green foliage color through the winter.

Bluepoint juniper has a natural pyramid form that requires no pruning to maintain.

Growing tips for Blue Point Junipers

As with any juniper, blue points should be planted in the full sun in slightly moist, well-drained soil. junipers prefer slightly acidic soil so the addition of a soil acidifier such as espoma soil acidifier should be added at planting. During planting and the initial establishment, they should be watered regularly. Blue points have a very fibrous root system and therefore need the additional water during establishment.

Due to its broad pyramid shape juniper blue point is the perfect evergreen shrub to be used as a meticulously clipped topiary. They can be trimmed into just about any shape including spirals. If you are trying to create a stately lawn these are a perfect addition.

Blue points will reach an ultimate height of 12 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide. These plants are an excellent choice for planting in pots to frame the front entrance to your home or office. They can also be used as an easy to maintain low windbreak when the towering height of arborvitae or Leyland cypress would be out of scale for your smaller property.

With the blue coloring of the foliage, they make a welcome addition as foundation plantings or specimen plantings as in the winter when there is little else showing color. Alternately the blue coloring can be used as a cooling shade in the heat of summer.

When considering blue point juniper make sure your planting location will receive at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun per day. the soil should be well drained. juniper blue point will thrive in even the driest of spots provided it gets the required amount of sun.

These plants will require very little pruning unless you intend to train it to be a topiary. When pruning junipers we recommend doing so in the spring when the temperature is cooler. Pruning in the summer heat can cause unsightly browning of the tips.

Blue points are known to be deer resistant and tolerant of high salt levels making them perfect for use where road salt or salt spray can be a problem.

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