New reblooming Azalea Floramore Pink with its excellent pink color
New reblooming Azalea Floramore Pink with its excellent pink color

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Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs

Rhododendron Lazamorink

This azalea blooms throughout stunning pink flowers spring, summer, and fall and is a dashing addition to any landscape.

Growzone: 7-9


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Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs for Sale Online

Azalea Floramore Pink is like the hot pink version of a floramore but a more calming variant. This cheerful Azalea will bring a delightful uniqueness to any garden and is part of a new reblooming series of azaleas. These azaleas are dark green evergreen shrubs and do best in partial sun as well as bright, warm climates and are the perfect plant for borders.

Growing Zone: 7-9
Mature Height: 3-4 Feet
Mature Width: 3-4 Feet
Classification: Broad leaved evergreen shrub
Sunlight: Part shade to filtered sun
Habit: Upright
Foliage: Dark green
Flower Color: Pink
Pruning Season: Pruning not needed
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: Extremely attractive when used as in the mixed border, or containers
This Plants Growzone: 7-9 Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs

After purchasing your Azalea Floramore Pink Shrub, read the recommended care instructions to ensure a happy and healthy plant for years to come!

How do I water Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

How do I water Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

After backfilling and lightly compacting the 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost, give the Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs a deep watering. Most of the water you put on the plant at first will run away from the plant until the soil is soaked. A general rule of thumb is to count to 5 for every one gallon of pot size. For example, when watering a one-gallon pot, do not stop until you count to 5. For a three-gallon container, count to 15 before stopping watering. For the first week, check the plant daily and then every other day. Be sure to water using the counting method for the first few weeks. Water the bushes regularly after planting until they’re well established. We like to tell folks that when watering Azaleas, or any plant for that matter, do not water the foliage. Water at the base of the plant near the soil line only. Soaker Hoses can also be used to water when planting a long hedge.

How do I fertilize Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

How do I fertilize Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs grow best if they are fertilized once in the spring. These shrubs favor nutrient-rich soil and ample fertilization. When selecting a fertilizer for your Pink Floramore Azaleas, use a balanced fertilizer blended for shrubs such as Espoma Holly Tone. Our ideal fertilizer schedule for azaleas is to apply an early spring fertilizer with a product such as Espoma Tree-tone or Plant-tone for a boost of nitrogen for healthy abundant foliage. Follow this up with an early summer application of Espoma Holly-Tone, to provide the necessary nutrients and raise the acid level in the soil. Espoma products are easy to use, sprinkle around the base of the plant, and water it in. If chemical fertilizers are used on your Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs, applying a slow-release, balanced fertilizer once a year in the spring is probably the simplest solution. If you can find a fertilizer formulated for acid-loving shrubs and trees, this fertilizer would work well on Pink Floramore Azaleas.

How do I mulch Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

How do I mulch Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

We highly recommend that you mulch your Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs with either a ground hardwood mulch or a ground cypress mulch depending on your local availability. Any mulch will do, but cypress or hardwood mulch will be of a higher quality and provide better nutrition overall as they break down. Mulching helps keep weeds away that compete with your new investment for water and nutrients. A 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch is sufficient but remember to take care not to cover any part of the stem with mulch. It's better to leave a one-inch gap of space between the mulch and the stem or trunk of the plant. It is also a plant that will respond well to mulching with pine Needles (if available in your area). Doing so will help maintain the acidic condition that Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs thrive.

How do I prune Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

How do I prune Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs?

The best time to trim azaleas is after the blossoms have faded and before the new blossom buds have started. The following year’s flowers typically form at the beginning of July, so you must prune an azalea bush before then. If you prune Azalea Floramore Pink Shrubs after the start of July, you may not get any flowers next year. Removing the dead and dying limbs will minimize the possibility of diseases such as “die back” and allow the plant to re-concentrate its energies and produce much more foliage. A plant may outgrow its intended size in the landscape; to redefine its purpose, prune it. Pruning should always be associated with re-invigorating a plant by allowing it to focus its energies on producing more vigorous branches, foliage, and flowers. It is crucial to use sharp tools when pruning azaleas or any plant for that matter. It is recommended not to use power equipment such as gas hedgers to prune azaleas or any plant, in our opinion.

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