Amaryllis Minerva In a Silver Pot

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Amaryllis Minerva in a Silver Pot For sale Online

Amaryllis Minerva in a Silver pot Gift is one of Holland's most popular amaryllis varieties. Loved for its delicate color and enormous, 8" flowers borne atop long slender stems. Minerva's bright red petals are brushed with white centers giving the flowers a fresh look even after it's been open for weeks. Our gift box contains everything you'll need including (1) Large Minerva Bulb, a nice silver pot, and soil. 

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Full Description

We are often asked "What do I do with my Amaryllis bulbs after they flower"?

1 Cut off the spent flower stems down to 1 to 2 inches of the top of the bulb, after the blossoms have completely faded and wilted. Provide the plant with six or more hours of sunlight daily so that the bulb can refuel and store energy.

2 Continue to water the amaryllis plant when the soil surface dries out almost completely. Combine 1 teaspoon of a soluble complete fertilizer such as Jack's Classic Houseplant Special Fertilizer with 1 gallon of water, and water the amaryllis bulb with the solution every two to three weeks.

3 Move the amaryllis bulb to a dimly lit, 50- to 55-degree Fahrenheit location in such as a basement, or three to four months before the desired bloom time. Stop fertilizing and watering the plant so that the leaves dies back naturally. Trim off the dead foliage.

4 Once dormant store the bulb in the pot in a dark, dry 50- to 55-degree location for eight to 10 weeks. You may also remove the bulb from the pot and store it in a bag of dry peat moss.

5 Move the pot or repot the bulb from the bag of peat moss to an area with six or more hours of bright light and temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees after the dormancy period is complete. Resume watering as normal and growth should resume within two weeks.

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