modern 5 inch vase with black matte finish and tapered wall Tapered 5 Inch Ceramic Pot Planter snake plant zeylanica in a white ceramic pot modern 5 inch vase with white matte finish and tapered wall

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Tapered 5 Inch Ceramic Pot Planter

With a nice ceramic pot like this 5 inch tapered vase, you can simply place the grower pot directly into the vase, no replanting needed. Make sure to check the bottom after watering so that your plant doesn't sit in too much excess water.

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Matte Black / 5 Inch $21.95
Matte White / 5 Inch $21.95

5 Inch Tapered Ceramic Pot Planter For Sale

This tapered ceramic vase is a beautiful, classy home for your houseplants. It features a sleek, modern style that will complement a wide variety of interior design styles. Available in black or white, both feature a chic matte finish. Fits 4 inch grower pots. Ideal for houseplants or floral centerpieces. 

Grower’s pots, or nursery pots, are a fantastic option for safely transporting new plants to their new homes. But they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing pots, and they need trays underneath to catch draining water. This is why we recommend ordering your plant with a decorative pot - you can simply place the plant in its nursery pot directly into the decorative pot. Your plant can stay nice and snug in its familiar pot while it adjusts to the new environment in your home, you can re-pot your plant into any decorative pot you like, and the decorative pot is much more effective in catching excess water. Mix and match, change styles with the seasons and keep your new plant happy. Everybody wins!

The Tapered Ceramic pots are a sleek modern take on a decorative pot. Minimalist in style, the slight taper inward gives the pot character and guides the eye up towards the main attraction, your new plant.

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How do I use a ceramic pot when it has no drainage holes?

What is the difference between a terra cotta pot and a ceramic pot?

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