Viburnum Shrubs for Sale Online

Viburnum shrubs are popular among gardeners for their low maintenance, resistance to deer, and year-round visual appeal. With over 150 species available, Garden Goods Direct offers a wide selection to suit any garden.

Viburnums are a diverse family of woody shrubs with many attractive attributes, including hardiness, deer resistance, and multi-season beauty.  Most viburnums bloom in spring with white or white-pink flowers, many have red to burgundy fall color, and nearly all produce berries. Michael Dirr, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia and author of the Manual of Woody Landscape Plants wrote that “a garden without a viburnum is akin to life without music and art.”  With nearly 150 viburnum varieties worldwide, we've selected some of the best to bring living art to your landscape.  

Among the viburnums we offer are North American native plants like Blackhaw, Arrowwood, and Cardinal Cranberry. Viburnum varieties that are prized for their incredibly fragrant flowers, include Shasta, Koreanspice, Burkwoodii and Prague. For a fragrance-free viburnum, consider Doublefile, which has pure white, unscented flowers in flat, double rows. 

Viburnums can be evergreen, like Chindo. Others are considered semi-evergreen or deciduous, depending on your climate. Most viburnum plants grow at least 6 feet in height and can make an attractive hedge.  

If you’d rather not have a shrub with berries, consider Snowball Bush, also sometimes called Japanese Snowball. This viburnum variety produces large, fragrant, sterile flowers resembling a mophead hydrangea. 

Viburnums are suited to most areas in the continental United States, except the northernmost and southernmost regions. When planting, choose a site with full sun to partial shade. An established viburnum shrub may require supplemental watering only during extreme heat and drought. No pruning is required, except to remove unwanted branches or for a light shaping in early spring. 

Beyond these considerations, choose a viburnum shrub that fits your needs and personal aesthetic!