Leyland Cypress Trees

Cupressus × leylandii

Growzone: 5-9

Leyland Cypress Trees are a fast growing conifer averaging three or more feet per year. One of the fastest and easy to grow privacy trees.

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Full Description

Fast Growing Leyland Cypress Trees

Leyland Cypress Trees are a fast-growing evergreen tree averaging three or more feet of growth per year when planted in full sun. Its rapid growth makes this tree ideal for hedges, windbreaks, and privacy trees. Its overall fast growth rate makes Leyland Cypress very easy to grow. It also responds well to tight trimming which makes this a valid option for tight formal hedges. A hybrid cross between Alaskan cedar and Monterey cypress. In some areas of the country, Leyland Cypress is used as a Christmas tree.

Leyland Cypress Trees have airy gracefully arching foliage that is dark green and feathery soft. Leyland cypress tree grows very fast, up to 3 feet per year in youth minimum makes a quick solution to problem views or lack of privacy. Leyland Cypress is a slender and fast-growing tree that typically grows at a rate at about 2 to 3 feet per year. Leyland cypress trees are a great choice when a homeowner is in need of instant privacy.

The ultimate height of Leyland Cypress can vary greatly even without trimming. For best growth, we advise planting in a full sun site with evenly moist soil. Proper fertilization is recommended for optimum growth. The average height for an untrimmed Leyland cypress is about 50 feet, but height can be controlled by simply removing the top of the tree which will force the tree to grow wider. Naturally taller than they are wide, the spread of this columnar tree is commonly only 1/3 or 1/4 of the height.

Leyland Cypress are tolerant of most soils and salt spray but is also very drought tolerant once established. They are shallow rooted and therefore the root systems should not be a problem with underground utilities.

The Leyland Cypress tree is a hybrid that came about when a Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) accidentally crossbred with an Alaskan cedar at England’s Leighton Hall in 1888. C. J. Leyland, brother-in-law of Leighton Hall’s owner at the time, planted seeds from the cones of an Alaskan cedar that was fertilized by the Monterey cypress. This produced a tree that exhibited amazing growth rates, vigor, and an attractive appearance.

The Leyland Cypress is named after the man who first planted its seed, Thomas Leyland —has found wide popularity because of its legendary salt tolerance, thriving where many other trees will not grow. It has also spawned a wide variety of cultivars designed to enhance its natural beauty.

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Additional Information

Botanical Name: Cupressus × leylandii

Common Names of Leyland Cypress: Leyland

Spacing of Leyland Cypress: No closer than 6 feet, Can be spaced at 15' but privacy will be slower.

Growth rate of Leyland Cypress: Up to 4 feet per year when young.