Spruce Trees for Sale Online

Spruce trees are commonly found as landscape plants throughout the Northern hemisphere, providing both beauty and a habitat for wildlife. Living for hundreds of years when kept healthy, these trees have unique needle and bark structures that differentiate them from other trees.

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What Types of Spruce Trees Are There? 

Healthy spruce trees share common characteristics, such as their inch-long, needle-shaped leaves arranged spirally along each twig and their flaky, thin bark. Beyond these similarities, spruce trees vary drastically in shape, size, and coloration. A total of 35 trees are included in the genus, and Garden Goods Direct offers several options for sale, including the Norway spruce, blue spruce, and white spruce. The Colorado blue spruce comes in cooler shades of green and tends to grow very tall, while the white spruce tends to come in warmer green colors. The Norway spruce is another option, coming in a lighter green color and a very narrow shape — this is a common Christmas tree choice.

Why Should You Plant Spruce Trees on Your Property?

Spruce trees are used for many purposes in a garden. In landscaping, they’re commonly planted in rows to form windbreaks and privacy screens. They’re also used as ornamental specimen trees to add variety and verticality to a landscape. Not only are they used for their landscaping purposes, but also as celebratory items. Spruce trees are the evergreens of choice for Christmas trees, and their twigs are used in several varieties of Christmas decorations, like wreaths and garlands.

How Can You Find the Right Spruce Trees for Your Home?

Before choosing a spruce tree variety to plant on your property, you should determine where you will plant it and what purpose it will serve. Are you planning on using your spruce trees purely for decoration, or will they serve additional purposes, like as a windbreak for your garden? Spruce trees can serve either purpose, depending on how you plant them — specimens or small groups can work for decoration, while closely grouped clusters will serve better as a privacy hedge or windbreak. Alternatively, you might be looking for a shorter hedge. Some spruce shrub varieties are available for these purposes. If you don’t know which type of evergreen tree will best suit the needs of your garden, contact Garden Goods Direct to speak with a nursery expert.

How Do You Care for Your Spruce Trees?

Care for spruce trees starts from planting. Be sure to fertilize your soil before planting and water thoroughly without drowning the tree in the first few months. Once established, soak the tree weekly during dry bouts of weather to avoid overwatering. Continue fertilizing the soil in late autumn or early spring to add needed nutrients to the soil. Be sure to watch out for signs of disease during your spruce tree maintenance routine. Pests and diseases often threaten spruce tree growth rates, causing problems like leaf dieback. During your spruce tree care routine, watch out for signs of these pests and diseases — if there are any signs of trouble, treat issues promptly. Additionally, consider pruning or trimming your spruce tree to keep it within a reasonable size.

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