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Rudbeckia is a plant native to North America that is related closely to the sunflowers. Most varieties are characterized by yellow petals and dark seed heads, though some varieties feature darker petal shades in bronze and burgundy. Garden Goods Direct offers a few varieties of rudbeckia: the black-eyed Susan, Ameican Gold Rush, and Viette's Little Suzy. The Black-Eyed Susan, however, is the most common rudbeckia variety and is the variety most closely associated with the family. 

This flowers in this family are daisy-like, with gold petals and a dark center seed head. They can be distinguished from coneflowers by their scratchy, hairy foliage. Rudbeckia plants are modern garden staples, characterized by their lovely flowers with black centers and yellow petals. These black-eyed Susans are beloved not only for their flowers, but for their hardiness and durability, making them excellent choices for beginning gardeners.

Why Plant Rudbeckia?

Rudbeckia plants are lovely to look at, with bright blooms that contrast nicely against their dark green foliage. These blooms appear in mid-summer and repeatedly bloom well into the fall. This creates lovely displays throughout the season that attract pollinators. They also make excellent cut stems for arrangements.

On top of their beauty, rudbeckia plants are practical choices because they are native to North America. Resistant to drought, heat, and deer, this plant is ideally suited to a North American habitat, making it very easy to grow.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Rudbeckias

When choosing a rudbeckia for your garden, you need to select a variety suited to your area. Hardiness will vary with each species, and not all rudbeckia plants are suited to all growing regions of the United States. The black-eyed Susan is a good choice for USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, making them an excellent fit for all but the southernmost regions of the continental United States. Be sure that the black-eyed Susan is a good fit for your area before purchase.

Beyond these considerations, choose the rudbeckia variety that complements your garden best. We suggest selecting a type that would best accompany the color of your existing garden plants.

How to Care for Rudbeckia Plants

Understanding rudbeckia care begins with learning how to plant rudbeckia sun perennials. Choose an area with full sun and well-drained soil. If your soil is low-quality, add local compost to fertilize the site, then plant and water your rudbeckia. Continue watering your plant well until it is established.

Fortunately, rudbeckia plants are easy to establish and naturalize — once they’re planted, they are very easy to care for. Water through drier seasons and deadhead the plant to promote repeat blooms.

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