Rhododendron Shrubs for Sale Online

Rhododendron shrubs are beautiful flowering bushes with beautiful blooms and a variety of uses. These shrubs show off something new throughout the season, with lavender blooms in the spring and purple foliage through the fall and winter.

Why Plant Flowering Rhododendron Shrubs?

The rhododendron is a durable plant, known both for its beauty and for its relatively low-maintenance nature. The PJM cultivar is particularly well-regarded for its heat and cold tolerance, which makes the plant great for most environments.

The beauty of this pink-blooming rhododendron is amplified by the good it does for the environment. The plant attracts pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds, resulting in gorgeous living displays throughout the growing season. In turn, this attractiveness to pollinators supports local ecosystems.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Rhododendrons

The first thing to consider when choosing flowering rhododendron shrubs is the appropriateness of a shrub for your area. The PJM rhododendron shrub grows best in growing zones 4 through 8, making it ideal for all but the northern and southernmost regions of the continental United States. If you live within this growing area, you can plant a PJM rhododendron in an area with partial shade or partial sun and well-drained soil.

Beyond these considerations, choose a rhododendron shrub that suits your aesthetic preferences.

How to Care for Flowering Rhododendron Shrubs

Caring for flowering rhododendron shrubs begins with learning how to plant flowering rhododendron shrubs. You should plant rhododendron shrubs in areas with partial shade to partial sun and well-drained soil. If your soil is low-quality, add some fertilizer or local compost before planting. Once planted, mulch the soil to help retain moisture and water your rhododendron shrub well until it’s established.

Once planted, flowering rhododendron care is relatively easy. Water regularly to support the health of your plant and fertilize once in the spring and summer for the best results.