Julianae Barberry Shrubs Julianae Barberry Shrubs Julianae Barberry Shrubs
Julianae Barberry Shrubs Julianae Barberry Shrubs Julianae Barberry Shrubs

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Julianae Barberry Shrubs

Berberis julianae'

This handsome Barberry has been very popular in Europe for many years. It's just making its way to the states and we're positive gardeners will find many uses for this wonderful plant.

Growzone: 5-9

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Julianae Barberry Shrubs for Sale Online

The Wintergreen Barberry is a handsome evergreen shrub that is prized for its colorful foliage, even during the Winter months. The dark green glossy leaves turn a bright red in Autumn, and if grown in the sun, remain blushed plum-purple until Spring, when a profusion bright yellow flowers is on display. The Julianae Barberry shrub makes a great evergreen hedging shrub that can be left to grow naturally or be clipped into a tight, impenetrable hedge with its spiky stems.

About Your Julianae Barberry Shrubs

Easy to Care for Evergreen Barberry Shrubs

Plant in the full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil.  Enjoy its glossy leaves with red-bronze winter color in a shrub border or use a hedge.  The thorny stems make it a good choice for a privacy screen or security plant.  It is seldom damaged by deer, drought-tolerant, and tolerates a range of soil types. Texture is medium to fine. Large thorns make this an ideal plant for use as a security hedge.

Growing Zone: 5-9
Mature Height: 6 to 10 feet
Mature Width: 6 to 8 feet
Classification: Broad Leaved evergreen shrub
Sunlight: full sun to partial shade
Habit: Upright, spreading
Flower Color: Yellow
Foliage: copper colored new growth, green at maturity, ruby red in Autumn and winter
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established.
Uses: Hedges and privacy screens
This Plants Growzone: 5-9 Julianae Barberry Shrubs Hardiness Zone

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