Chinese Money Plant

Pilea peperomoides for Sale Online

You have probably heard of the Chinese Money Plant. Our Pilea Peperomioides for sale are a trendy houseplant. Also called Friendship Plants because they are always producing pups which can be gently tugged from the parent plant and given as a gift. We like to call plan the Pass Along Plant. The Pilea Peperomioides is a fast-growing plant that is beyond easy to grow.

Pilea peperomoides is commonly referred to as the Chinese Money Plant, Friendship Plant, or UFO Plant. The leaves resemble ufo's flying around the pot or even coins. Chinese Money Plant is one of the easiest plants to take care of and is a beautiful addition to any home or office. Originally from the Yunnan Province of China. Chinese Money Plants have a distinct flying-saucer shape to their leaves and radiate from a central stem. Pilea plants prefer to grow in soil which is slightly on the dry side. The leaves will begin to droop as a sign they need water. No need to worry though the leaves will perk right back up after a short time. This ability makes them great plants for beginners as only a few plants will let you know ahead of time they need water. UFO Plants are easy sharing plants due to their abilities to rapidly reproduce. You'll be a favorite friend when people admire your Pilea, just reach in and grab a "planlet" and give it a tug. The "pup" as they are called will be pre-rooted and ready for your friend to take home and plant.