Lavender Phenomenal Plants

Lavandula x intermedia 'Niko' Plant Patent #24,193

Growzone: 4-9

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This Plants Growzone: 4-9
Growing Zone: 4-9
Mature Height: 2-2.5 feet
Mature Width: 4 feet
Sunlight: Full Sun
Water Requirements: water well until established
Selling Points: Fragrant Foliage, Long Bloom Period

Lavender Phenomenal Plants for Sale Online

One of the hottest lavenders to hit the market in years and certainly one of our favorite perennials ever!

  • A wonderful addition to sunny gardens.
  • Drought-tolerant plant.
  • Resistant to deer and rabbits.
  • Highly fragrant with concentrated essential oils.

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Full Description

Growing Lavender Phenomenal Plants in the Garden

One of the hottest lavenders to hit the market in years and certainly one of our favorite perennials ever! This Peace Tree Farms introduction conquers many of the problems often found in lavenders: it tolerates the extremes of both cold and heat without dying back, is resistant to common root and foliage diseases, and grows superbly in production and landscapes. This is a very large, hedging lavender that can be used to create a border around the garden and also can be grown as a cut and dried flower for potpourri and culinary uses. It forms a very uniform, dense mound of silvery green foliage topped with tall wands of rich lavender purple flowers which are much darker than ‘Provence’. In the north, this variety blooms from mid through late summer, but it blooms earlier in the south. Two year old plants in our trials measured an impressive 4-4 ½’ across! Lavender has been grown for centuries for its intensely fragrant flowers and beautiful appearance. It is a staple item of every sunny garden, and its dried flowers are widely used in potpourris and arrangements. Lavender Phenomenal is one of the hardiest and is extremely easy to grow, withstanding high heat and humidity. The gorgeous, purple blooms are very fragrant and attract butterflies to the garden. The hybrid Lavenders are sometimes known as Lavandin. They generally flower in midsummer, a little later than the English types. This selection forms a bushy mound of silver foliage, with long spikes of purple-blue flowers. Choose a location with excellent drainage. In regions with clay soils, a raised bed or rock garden will improve success greatly. Plants should be clipped back by half in spring. Attractive to butterflies. Excellent for fresh cutting, this is an excellent Lavender selection for drying. Often repeat blooms in late summer or fall. Exceptional winter survival, as it does not have the winter die back that other varieties commonly demonstrate. Good tolerance to extreme heat and humidity, and resistant to common root and foliar diseases.

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