Lilac Shrubs for Sale Online

For a carefree, beautiful flowering shrub that provides plenty of color throughout the season, the flowering lilac shrub is an excellent choice! These sun-loving plants are well-known for their rich coloration and sweet smell, features that make them excellent specimens and hedge plants. They’re also tolerant of varying climates and most varieties can grow in hardiness zones of 3-8.

If you’re looking to buy this flowering bush of your own, consider Woodie’s approved lilac bushes for sale at Garden Goods Direct. Each one gets Woodie’s seal of approval giving you confidence that your plant is grown from the highest quality stock plants available, and will be ready to thrive in its new home. We offer a wide selection of styles and colors, so you’re sure to find something you love!

What are the Benefits of Buying Lilac Shrubs?

Aromatic Blossoms

Lilac flowers have a recognizable and intoxicating aroma. A single bush can bring a fresh scent to any area of the garden. When planted in bulk as a hedge or foundation shrub, that aroma is magnified! Lilac flowers burst forth in the mid to late spring, and our newer varieties continue to re-bloom through the early to mid-summer so you can enjoy the delicious fragrance for longer. The delicate blossoms and greenery can also be trimmed and placed in a vase so you can enjoy their beauty and aroma from indoors as well!

Supports Your Local Ecosystem

The billowing branches and luscious foliage on a lilac shrub provide shelter and nutrients to many local pollinators, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s a mutualistic relationship because the pollinators will also keep your garden healthy and thriving over the years, so you can have a colorful and lively landscape.

Instant Curb Appeal

Lilac bushes are an easy way to instantly enhance the curb appeal of your landscape. The lilacs listed for sale in our selection were chosen because they make for beautiful mass plantings or planted alone as single specimens. You have the flexibility to choose whether to use it as a focal point in your garden or as a foundation planting against your home or along the perimeter of your property. This is an investment that keeps on giving back - landscaping has been shown to boost the overall property value and is a factor that’s considered with potential home buyers.

Conceal Eyesores

Certain species of lilac bushes can grow up to 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide, which makes it the perfect plant to conceal any unwanted aspects of your home or property. Think of items like gas meters, air conditioners, and garbage cans. Plants, especially shrubs, are a low-cost way to hide these eyesores.

How to Buy the Right Lilac Shrub for Your Garden?

When buying a lilac shrub online, there are a few things to consider before making the purchase:

1. Match the Design of Your Home

Not only is this beneficial for the homeowner, but it’s also a factor that adds to your property value if you plan to sell your home one day. Landscaping is an art form - you wouldn’t want to plant a lilac bush in your yard to find out it completely clashes with the color and style of your home’s exterior. That doesn’t help boost curb appeal, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the flowers.

2. Map the Space Accordingly

Lilacs are a shrub, and shrubs are known for growing both tall and wide. If you have a large yard and want the lilac bush to grow tall and wide, it’s best to make it a focal point in an area where you can dedicate enough space for it. However, you can still successfully grow a lilac bush even if you have a smaller space. When pruned regularly, a lilac shrub can maintain a trim and clean shape. This is ideal when it’s planted along the foundation of a home or perimeter.

3. Understand Your Climate

The good news is that lilac bushes are versatile and can grow well in grow zones 3-8, which basically accounts for most of the country! But we always recommend checking what grow zone you live in so you have a full understanding of the climate, humidity levels, type of soil in the region, and related information that’s essential for the success of your lilac bush.

How to Properly Care for a Lilac Shrub?

Each variety has its own set of care and maintenance requirements, however, there are certain rules that can be applied to all. Learn more about those below!

Where To Plant

Lilac shrubs typically do best in areas that receive full sun, so make sure to map out your yard to figure out where it would best fit. As mentioned above, it’s important to also give it space to grow. When you’re ready to plant a lilac in your garden, dig a hole that is as deep as the container or pot it was delivered in, and about twice as wide. The soil should be loosened up so the roots can spread out as it takes to its new home and grows.

How Much To Water

Once the shrub is freshly planted in its new spot within your garden, this stage is critical and requires more water than typical. During this early stage of planting, don’t rush the watering process. Water the plant close to the base of the trunk so the moisture can penetrate into the roots. We recommend following this counting method: water the shrub for five seconds for every one gallon the container it was delivered in weighs. So if the shrub was delivered in a two-gallon container, count for 10 seconds as you’re watering it.

After a few weeks, reduce the watering schedule to every other day or longer. This largely depends on how quickly the soil dries out and how much sun or precipitation the lilac bush receives. When in doubt, don’t water it. The biggest reason plants die is because of overwatering, not under-watering. You can check the soil yourself by sticking a gardening trowel into the ground a few inches down and gauging the moisture levels. If damp, let it go another day without watering.

Add Mulch And Fertilizer

Mulch, fertilizer, and organic matter are your best friends! These give your plants an added boost of nutrients, especially during the early stages of planting. Layering a couple of inches of mulch over the soil surrounding your lilac bush can also help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay. It’s best if you add fertilizer or organic compost to the soil (avoid getting this on branches or leaves) during early-mid spring after the last frost hits so new branches and foliage can have time to grow during the season rather than at the very end.

Prune The Shrub Properly

There are certain variations of lilac shrubs that don’t require pruning, like the Red Pixie, which is a popular feature for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance plant. However, certain lilac bushes can benefit from annual pruning sessions to keep the growth under control. We recommend using sharp shears and doing this early in the season after the last frost occurs. This will give the plant enough time to heal. Doing this too late in the season can damage the branches if a frost or colder temperatures hit before it has had a chance to fully heal from the pruning session.

Types of Lilacs for Sale

You will have peace of mind and confidence when you buy lilacs online from Garden Goods Direct because all of our plants are grown from the highest quality stock plants available, and that hasn’t changed with our selection of lilacs. We take pride in the collection we’ve curated and want to help you achieve your dream garden and space. Learn more about our favorite lilac shrubs below!

  • Lilac Beauty of Moscow: The large, gorgeous, white double flowers with a tinge of light pink are perfectly formed and very fragrant as they emerge in mid-spring. Lilac Beauty of Moscow is a spectacular plant that offers not only unrivaled beauty but also very good resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Lilac Sensation: Lilac Sensation is an outstanding lilac noted for its large masses of purple-red florets edged in white. A mid-season bloomer that typically begins flowering in mid-May. Branches are held erect and open with rich green foliage. Often used to create a beautiful spring flowering hedge, screen, or accent.
  • Bloomerang Dark Purple: Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilacs are two-timers – and that’s a wonderful thing! They bloom in spring-like traditional lilacs, then rebloom from mid-summer through fall. Dark Purple is bigger than the original Bloomerang Purple Lilac and has larger, more rounded inflorescences. This lilac bush is a strong grower and will add beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall.
  • Bloomerang Pink Perfume: This lilac is lighter colored variation to the Dark Purple, but creates a similar handsome, rounded shape with large pink flowers that bloom in mid to late spring. It is highly fragrant and will fill your yard with a sweet aroma, and it’s resistant to pests and disease making it the perfect low maintenance option. The best part? It’s a reblooming variation so you can enjoy the stunning blossoms up to late summer!
  • Miss Kim Lilac: Miss Kim Lilac is a strongly fragrant cultivar that bears single light purple flowers in mid-to-late season, and it exhibits maroon autumn foliage as a bonus. It forms a compact shrub 6 to 8 feet high by 6 to 8 feet wide.
  • Red Pixie Lilac: The Red Pixie is a lilac bush that doesn’t require any pruning and produces a beautiful rounded shape. Fragrant dark reddish-purple flowers bloom in a stunning display of color from early to mid-spring. It is a perfect flowering shrub for those with smaller gardens.
  • Charles Joly Lilac: A quintessential French variety, the Charles Joly is everything you’d imagine a lilac would be. Deep wine-colored flowers grow in clusters against a backdrop of luscious greenery, complete with an intoxicating aroma. It’s a highly versatile and tolerant bush as well and thrives in most states within the country.
  • Primrose Lilac: If you’re looking for an untraditional lilac, this is your go-to! The Primrose Lilac is unlike any other type with its delicate yellow blossoms. It creates a stunning display of color against a dark green backdrop of heart-shaped leaves. It’s romantic, aromatic, and the perfect addition to any garden.
  • Palibin Lilac: This lilac produces a single, consistent color of pale pink flowers that enjoy full sun and instantly brighten up any landscape. The Palibin will make a statement in your garden, whether it’s large or small. Easy to maintain, fragrant, and doesn’t require any pruning! What more could you want?
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    We believe there is nothing that compares to opening a window in the spring to smell the fresh fragrance of the lilac. It’s the perfect send-off for winter and a welcoming sign of warm, spring weather. The traditional color, shape, and fragrance of lilacs make it a long-standing favorite among gardeners of all experience levels. It’s a classic addition to any landscape, and it thrives in most regions of the United States!

    At Garden Goods Direct, our goal is to bring your landscaping vision to life. Our collection of plants are grown with the utmost care so you can have a healthy plant delivered to your door. All that’s left to be done is plant and properly care for it so it can serve you for years to come! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for any questions or help with your lilac shrub. Happy shopping!