Wandering Jew Plants

Tradescantia zebrina

Growzone: 9-11

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This Plants Growzone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 6" - 8"
Mature Width: 36" - 40"
Classification: Colorful Foliage
Sunlight: Bright, indirect light to Full sun (if outdoors)
Habit: Vine
Flower Color: Small purple flowers occasionally
Foliage: Purple and silver
Soil Condition: Likes to dry out occasionally
Water Requirements: Likes to dry out between watering
Uses: Excellent as a border or in a container or hanging basket, inside or out

Wandering Jew Plants for Sale Online

Wandering Jew Plants find its way into hanging baskets and mixed annual containers for the summer because of its easy-going, tolerant nature and the colorful leaves that hang down from hanging baskets.

  • Beautiful glossy, variegated foliage.
  • The perfect plant for hanging baskets or mantels.
  • Prefers medium to bright light.

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Full Description

Low Maintenance Wandering Jew Plants

The vibrant purple and silver striped leaves bring personality to any space. This vine looks beautiful in hanging baskets or stands where its natural tendency to vine and trail is really brought out. Undersides of the foliage and the stems are both a reddish purple. Wandering Jew Plants are happiest with bright, indirect light to maintain its intense coloration. These plants prefer to dry out some between watering. Wandering Jew is a personable plant that grows quickly and trails extensively. The brightly colored purple and silver striped foliage blends well with virtually any other color of flower or foliage. Wandering Jew Plants happily trail in any space. Feel free to prune Wandering Jew to keep the plant branching with a more compact habit. This plant works well inside in bright, indirect light or outside in anywhere from shade to part sun. The purple foliage helps Wandering Jew match with pink, yellow, orange, green and purple flowers or foliage.

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Additional Information

Tradescantia zebrina is the Latin name for Wandering Jew. The genus name honors John Tradescant (1570-1638) and his son John Tradescant (1608-1662), botanists and gardeners in England. Zebrina means zebra-striped.