Chinese Money Plants Pilea peperomoides

Pilea peperomioides

Chinese Money Plant is an easy to grow houseplant that prefers bright light. It's easy to care for which makes it a great houseplant for beginners. Can be divided and given to friends as starter plants for their collection, hence the name "pass along plant".

Growzone: 9-11

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This Plants Growzone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 30"-36"
Mature Width: 30"-36"
Classification: Easy to grow
Sunlight: Fluorescent to bright indirect
Habit: Compact habit, densely branching, insignificant flower
Flower Color: White
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition Likes to dry out some between watering
Water Requirements: If unsure, do not water
Uses: Attractive plant to be featured or in the background of any room in the house, does well with minimal care

Chinese Money Plants Pilea peperomoides for Sale Online

Pilea peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant is a rare and very hard-to-find indoor plant native to southern China. Known for its round pancake shaped green leaves, the Chinese Money Plant is very popular in modern decor and has become a staple for well-designed interiors. We have carefully cultivated and built up our stock to have enough to offer you this highly sought after and easy to grow plant for sale. 

  • Pups can be removed, re-potted, and gifted
  • Known as the "pass it along" plant
  • Also called the UFO plant or Pancake Plant
  • Popular in modern minimalist or Scandinavian interiors
  • Chinese Money Plants are on our list of Pet Safe Plants For Your Home
  • Pilea peperomoides made our  list of Trendiest House Plants for 2020
  • Shop Planters for your Money Plant 

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Full Description

The plant's bright green color contrasts wonderfully against white walls or pots, which is perhaps why it's so highly sought after in the minimalist interior design world. Also called Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage, Pilea peperomioides has a central upright stem, surrounded on all sides by its characteristic perky flat leaves. Its also called pass-along plant or friendship plant because as your friends see yours, you can easily reach in and pull a little "pup" out of the pot and start them on their journey to having their own pass-along plant. Pilea peperomioides is spectacularly easy to grow indoors. Simply place the plant where it will receive bright but indirect light, watering regularly and shielding from the direct sun. The plant will reward you with seemingly constant growth.

How to Water Chinese Money Plant?

The Chinese Money Plant should be watered relatively infrequently, as the plants like to dry out some between watering. The easiest way to tell if a plant needs to be watered is by the weight of the container. If the container is very heavy and the foliage is upright, chances are good the plant doesn't need water, whereas a light container and limp foliage means the plant needs some water. Sometimes, water pours out of the container without being retained by the soil. Soaking the dry soil in a small dish or saucer can be a useful way to solve this problem. It is important not to water the foliage of these plants, or to over-water them as this will lead to leaf damage or plant death. If you're unsure, it is always better to let the plant go dry instead of drenching it with water. Moisture meters are another easy way to tell if plants need to be watered, and usually come with a guide to indicate what number or level of moisture different plants require.

How to Fertilize Chinese Money Plant?

Indoor houseplant fertilizers fall into two groups: water soluble (liquid quick release), and granular, slow release fertilizers. Jack's Classic House Plant Fertilizer works well as a powder, quick release fertilizer that is mixed with water to quickly provide nutrients to a plant that has been in a container for an extended time. On the other hand Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor is an option as a granular, slow release fertilizer that can be applied while potting and planting. Any type of fertilizer offers nutrients that help plants with the transition to a new environment.

What is the Best Soil for Chinese Money Plant?

The best soil for houseplants is a well balanced mix of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite that dries some between watering but takes a long time to compact. Typically, any reputable potting mix will work well and includes those ingredients. Adding a granular, slow release fertilizer while planting is a good way to help the plant thrive in the transplanting transition however if the soil you've chosen already has fertilizer incorporated into it there will be no need to add additional fertilizer.

Planting Information

We suggest re-potting your newly purchased Chinese Money Plants into a container 2 inches wider in diameter, and 2 inches deeper than the container it is in currently. Use a well draining potting mix, and be sure not to disturb the roots when transplanting. We recommend adding a slow release fertilizer to the new potting mix before watering in. The most common cause of plant death after transplanting is planting the new plant to deep. That is why we do not recommend planting in a container any deeper than the soil line of the plant in the pot. If planted too deep, the stem of the plant will be covered with soil, retaining moisture and eventually rotting. Keep in mind that this new potting mix will retain more moisture than the previous container, so watering in the beginning should be less frequent.

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