• Coco Coir Chip Brick in clear plastic bag
  • coco coir chips are made from coconut husks

Grow!t Coco Coir Chip Brick

Coco Coir Chips are a great addition to potting soil, or use them in the garden in place of mulch. These chips retain massive amounts of water so your plants will never go thirsty!

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Grow!t Coco Coir Chip Brick for Sale Online

Grow!t Coco Coir is an excellent addition to any soil, the Coco Coir Chip Bricks offer great drainage properties as well as the ability to retain water, meaning they'll protect your plants from drowning and going thirsty. The consistency allows plant roots room to breathe and grow freely.

Coir fiber is excellent to use as a soil amendment for indoor and outdoor plants. It is also a great medium for propagating cuttings.

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